Color Me Tag Book – Outline Completed

Last week I was in a sketching mode and finished the remaining 19 tags to complete the 31 tags for the month of August. I share this joint work with a very dear friend who lives in Singapore.

new tags4

new tags3

new tags5

My friend wanted to practice the art of pointillism and she asked if I am willing to make her a coloring book where she could practice and hone her craft. I could not say no but warned her that my designs are far too simple from the coloring books she could easily buy from a bookstore. She told me that my simple designs were not a problem. When she joined an art community in Singapore and they were given art assignments, she taught of going to the direction of pointillism as a technique of coloring. She started with the piece that was given by their art teacher but could not get the right groove thus she did not enjoy her first art piece. Consequently, she deliberately skipped some classes because of her experience. As she was thinking of how she could enjoy her art journey, she thought of me, my art and our friendship and the idea of a collaboration came to mind. I am grateful that, of all her creative friends, she chose to do this project with me.



Color Me Tag Book

Sharing with you the second batch of coloring tags I made for my dear  friend.


I’ve already sent her the high resolution copies of these tags to print on her chosen substrate. The original copies which remained with me are now housed in a ring binder with altered cardboard covers. I altered the cardboard backing that came with the watercolor paper I used for these tags. I also altered some of my loose alphabet chip boards with neon green and black acrylic paints and used alphabet stamp to form the words, color me.  Below is the front cover of the coloring tag book. The back cover also has the same color scheme which I did not photograph anymore.


Doing this project with a dear friend is such a priceless thing. She recently emailed me a heartwarming message telling me that if she will put her heart and soul practicing the art of pointillism, she would lovingly do it using my art as base. When I read her message my heart went into cardiac heaven. I was truly grateful that my art was in her mind and she was glad to do a collaborative work with me. So, yes, I am in friendship heaven too.

Adult Coloring Books

Lately I have been seeing a lot of adult coloring books in bookstores. They all look so yummy and inviting but oh so expensive. So instead of buying one, I just enjoy browsing through them and dream that one day I could make one myself. That dream did not seem to be a dream anymore.

About two weeks ago a very good friend asked me if I could make her a coloring book so she could practice an art technique. She told me that she had discovered an app in her android that mimics a coloring book but she does not want to download the app since she would rather go old school and enjoy the relaxing feeling of holding a coloring tool, a coloring book and color her heart out. Since she is such a sweet friend and a very dear one, I indulged.

Considering my love for tangles, the theme of my friend’s coloring book is zentangle inspired art. I used an oversized tag template to make my art and scanned them for her to print in her chosen substrate. The original artwork remains with me so I can color them and share it with her. Since this month is my birth month, I decided to make my friend one tag for each day of August.  She was thrilled when I told her.

Sharing with you the first six tags I did.


Since I started making the tags last week, I have been excited for my friend and how this will help her not only with her chosen art but with life in general. She is exploring the art technique of pointillism and I am very happy that she asked me to do this with her.