A Dear Friend and Her Big Dream: Happy Mail Project

Last February I received an email from a dear friend, Airees Rondain asking if I can give time and  contribute something for her dream. I immediately replied to her email and said yes. ❤

You see, my friend is a big dreamer. Her big dream started in 2014 and it was to travel Europe with her art journals and documenting each special day in them. But God had other plans for her. In 2015 when she applied for an Artists Residency Program, her big dream expanded and became specific.  Not only did she want to travel, explore and document Europe in her art journals,  it now became a self-directed Artist Residency and she now want to work on her personal project of publishing the first Filipino Art Journaling Book. The book will have a theme of ‘buy one, give one’ since Airees wants to distribute the books to NGO’s (non-government organizations) taking care of children and women who are victims of human trafficking. My friend fervently believes that ART truly HEALS because at some point in her life, she turned to art for healing (which I think most of us had at one point or more in our life). With the Artist Residency, she will be able to concentrate and give her all to putting this big dream come true.

Thus my friend put on her brave girl’s shoes and took a deep breath and sent out emails to her artist friends to help her raise funds to go to that Artist Residency. She asked for two original artworks from us and together with her own artworks, will be turned into postcards as part of her Happy Mail Project.  I am very honored to be chosen from among her many artist friends. This great opportunity to help seldom comes my way and I considered it a blessing of my friendship with Airees ( I met Airees in 2003 through a scrapbooking group and since then we have not lost contact. A rare event nowadays). ❤


A month after I received her email, I emailed her my two original artworks. She was very sweet to reply via sms a very heart warming thank you message and told me that she is very excited to gather all the artworks and start printing them. I am very happy for my friend, for her big dreams and for her causes.

So, dear friends, I am inviting you to come and look at Airees’ site. Look around, feel the vibe and get to know the person with the big dream and  hopefully be one of her patron. 🙂 ❤

Lets all support and be a blessing to each other! Happy Monday! Spread a smile!


Its Maundy Monday and I’d like to take this Holy Week to reflect on my life, my relationships and my growth in faith. Advance Happy Resurrection! Advance Happy Easter! ❤