Two Weeks and A Day

Waving hello and greeting everyone a happy post Easter Sunday! πŸ™‚ ❀

It’s been days since and I just wanted to share that I had one of the most relaxed Holy Week holiday with my husband and big family. We mostly stayed home with a few days spent bonding with cousins and Aunts. For the first time our Easter egg hunt was done on a Good Friday because that was the only day were most of us are available to be together. It was delightful to watch my nieces and nephews carry their baskets and hunt for those home made colored eggs. Their giggles and competitiveness reminded all of us of our childhood.

I also enjoyed some time alone to meditate, reflect, play and practice calligraphy. πŸ˜€

Lettering Wednesday


April 12 practice


April 19 practice


Today’s practice

My theme was about change to help me with my weight loss journey (so I can keep diabetes and any sickness related to increase cholesterol out of my life). So far I think I have been a good girl most days and have now started to take vegan cooking classes from my Aunt. Sharing my recent photo with cousins taken last Saturday.


Can you find me? πŸ˜€ Yup! You spotted me correctly πŸ™‚ At last my blue shirt fitted perfectly and I can now tie my hair up as well. Wahoo!


We love to create family get togethers so we can enjoy food, booze, and endless chatter.

And continuing on with my mini moley adventure. ❀


66 of 365 Sometimes we just have to tell ourselves to just explore and let the view amaze us. I have been walking/running the same route since I started my on and off love for walking/running seven years ago and the view still amazes me. Everyday there is something new to appreciate and be thankful for.

My 67 of 365 fell on a draw a bird day I posted earlierΒ Β .


68 of 365 My favorite flower, the stargazer lily. I indulge when she wants to make a guest appearance in my journals.


69 of 365 First time to draw a whimsical cat and it was FFFUUUNNN!!! Next time I will experiment more and add more details.


70 of 365 Yup, it actually is an abbreviate for right answer, wrong question BUT when you speak dinosaur (like most of us in love do) it only means one thing…..i love you!


71 of 365 Using up those gelli prints and making more for future use.

That’s it for today. πŸ™‚ Thank you for being with me today. Most times after the morning run I am already out of energy even to hold a brush and paint. But I try to at least start something, even just a page, and try to finish it within the week. My art is really taking a backseat to give way to my journey to be and stay healthy. I know something will give as I am always tired from exercise BUT I am positive that one day I will get the right magic, the right yin and yang of things, the right blend. One day at a time. One step at a time.Β I may not have clicked liked or commented in your posts but I have been reading them and gathering inspiration from. Keep them coming and keep the fire burning!


Minis and a Quote


62 of 365 This is one of my husband’s favorite quotes. Unfortunately we both don’t know its author. I choose to live by choice, not be chance. To be motivated not manipulated. To be useful not used. To make changes not excuses. To excel not compete. I choose self esteem not self pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice not to the random opinion of others. I choose to do the things that you won’t so I can continue to do the things you can’t. It’s a great quote to live by.


63 of 365 My doll wants to make an appearance and show of her new curly hair. πŸ™‚


64 of 365 Because its summer and the sun is my friend. Always bright, always warm and always full of life.


65 of 365 Playing with one color family so I can get close and know their quirks. πŸ˜€


March flew by so soon and now we are saying hello to April! ❀ This month’s lettering theme will be about change. As I struggle with changing my eating habits, daily activities and over all life attitude, these quotes will greatly help in the daily effort. Today’s quote is from Robin Sharma.Β 


Happy Friday everyone! Spread a smile! πŸ™‚ ❀

What I’ve Been Up To and #MiniMoleyDaily 53 – 57 + Lettering Wednesday – March 29

Goodness! A week had passed since my last visit and what wonderful art projects and life stories I’m blessed to be shared with. Opening up to read from you is such a delight and a big change from my life in the past days. I was not away on a vacation or did not take a break to make more art. I was just here but spent a lot of time with my doctor, taking care of my diet ( for someone who does not love to cook it was a difficult change) and exercising my heart and butt out. My art time had to take a backseat for lots of exercise. My recent blood tests did not go very well and my doctor is closely monitoring. BUT I can still share some of the art I did before life’s reality came and took over right? πŸ™‚



53 of 365 the few stamp set i have still amazes me ❀


54 of 365 the page i did when i arrived home from the doctor’s appointment


55 of 365 Quote from Woody Allen. Have you asked yourself the same question? Β 


56 of 365 have you greeted someone hi or hello today? its such a nice thing to say!


57 of 365 such a great reminder to stay positive and not to forget to be happy and thankful ❀


Quote from J.K. Rowling

Yes, I do not need magic to change my world. I just need to believe in myself that I will get through the bad and unhealthy living and to this thing called living healthy. Running and brisk walking cannot make their magic because I still love to eat plenty. But things had to change so I can enjoy life to the fullest. Proper diet + exercise + medications for the next few weeks until the next blood test. Then hopefully hopefully just proper diet + exercise for the rest of my life.

I’m slowly getting used to a new routine with very minimal art time. Minimal art time is still WAY BETTER than no art time at all. So I hope to get into my wonder woman phase and pop in more often to fill my heart with your art/life sharing and good vibes and share what I can too.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Spread a smile! ❀