Day 31 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Finally the last abstract painting for this week’s personal theme. 🙂


I went all out with whatever came to mind. For whatever reason this piece reminded me of a favorite dish, chop suey. 🙂

I have no words to describe this painting only that I am glad that I stood by my commitment to understand and learn abstract painting this week. One week is not enough so I guess you will see a few more attempts with abstract in the coming weeks/months. ❤ 🙂

As I’ve said it before, abstract painting is NEVER easy. I’d rather create something with a name, a form, an exact appearance. But as an artist, going outside of my comfort zone was necessary to exert oneself and know thy limits. 🙂

A HUGE congratulations to everyone who joined in #WorldWatercolorMonth  and endlessly share their amazing artworks! ❤ A huge hug and thank you too to Charlie of Doodlewash for being the most gracious and wonderful host and organizer of this amazing project and for being part of raising awareness for children in need of art supplies and art education around the world through The Dreaming Zebra Foundation . Cheers to all of us! Cheers to a month long creative habit with watercolors! Cheers to the coming surprises that await us and our love for watercolors! ❤ ❤ ❤


Day 30 for #WorldwatercolorMonth

This morning I thought of experimenting with three shades of blue – indanthrene, winsor blue and indigo. This inspiration came to me last night as I was chatting with a cousin who was asking my opinion of a blouse she wanted to purchase online.

Blue, always a go to color. Its the color I use to mix with other colors to darken them. Its the last color I pick out when every girly color were already chosen. I’m a certified jeans girl, but blue never made it at the top of the list of favorites.

Though not a favorite, it does not mean it could not have its time to at center stage. Today is a good day to celebrate the color blue.


“Three or Seven” is a 5 x 7 watercolor painting on canson 200gsm

Can you spot them? 🙂

In a few hours #WorldwatercolorMonth will be celebrating the culmination of a month long journey of watercolor love. The daily habit of experimenting, discovering, and learning everything related to watercolors will be the new springboard to new discoveries, magical moments and endless possibilities.

As for me and my watercolor journey, the story is just taking off. One month is not enough to move past the getting to know period. There will be more coffee dates and tables for four if micron pen and white gelly roll pen wishes to join us. There will be more ups and downs, moments were both of us will be ready to call it quits. But, love is evident and that is enough to see us through.

Day 29 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

My inner critic can’t keep her mouth shut today. She speaks so loud that I can’t even hear my voice or the message alert tone of my mobile phone. 😦 She does not visit often but when she does, she sees to it that I am hit hard.

No. I told her, no way. I am almost at the finish line. I can’t quit now. Changing my theme will only create anxiety. No way will I abandon this desire to understand and learn abstract painting. No, I will not turn my back from this amazing roller coaster ride with #worldwatercolormonth .  Only a few days left and I can “pre-schedule” my next abstract painting to my heart’s delight BUT not now. How can she be so cruel as to make me stop? Now that I already have a grasp on how to let go and enjoy seeing the colors dance and mingle with water? Now that I am slowly getting excited with what I am doing? Now that I am accepting the fact that abstract painting requires more heart, more play, more go with the flow feeling? No, I will not let her win today.

Moving further, and before she says anything mean, let me share with you my circle love and color explosion painting.


I see a heart with both the right and left ventricles and its respective chambers. I see hope and progress. I feel triumphant. I feel free.