Wirework Journey

My love for wirework started in 2004. A friend of mine invited me to a beading class, outcome of which will be used to embellish our scrapbook pages. Eight women signed up for the workshop and were all eager to make butterflies and dragonflies. The materials that were handed out contained wires in different sizes and colors as well as seed beads also in different sizes and colors and bobby pins. The class lasted for four hours and we were able to make a dainty bobby pin butterfly, a hanging dragonfly and a butterfly decorated card.  I was never a wire lover but after the class I went hunting for more wire to use in my scrapbook pages. Unfortunately, I never made anything with my wire stash then, they never ended up embellishing my scrapbooks.

Then in 2007, my love for wire was rekindled when one of my cousins who was having a great time with making beaded bracelets and necklaces invited me to join her in one of her “playtime” sessions. I was suffering from an illness then and was very depressed. It was a blessing that my cousin invited me to play and everything spiraled from there. We went on being partners and joining local bazaars. We would greatly enjoy going to beading field trips and endless conversations with anything beads. Then one day my cousin thought of embellishing dining spoons and forks using aluminum wire and beads. At first I was not easily convinced, but when my cousin made a prototype, I was inspired to unearth my wire butterfly and dragonflies from years before.

I started with making bobby pins in appreciation of my friend’s tutorial.



Then bag charms, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, rings, and of course our signature beaded serving spoon, fork and cake slicers.

Below are some of the items I created.


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And in 2010 my partnership with my cousin had to take a backseat for more pressing issues and life took its course. That was my turning point with my love for wire. I have decided to go and continue on my own and explore the many possibilities with wire work. I wanted to improve my wire crafting skills so I searched from the net and luckily found a very good lady who coached me the basic ins and outs of the trade. I am very grateful to her as I have found my wirework “comfortable style” through all the chat and email exchanges.

Below are some of my wire pendants.

All_Seeing_Eye_1 Florence_1 Mother_of_Pearl_1 Orange Delight_1 Paloma Precious-Owl-1


Wirework had thought me a lot about patience, innovation and settling for materials available in my country. I have made peace with the thought that I could push myself and be more creative with less materials.

I seldom do wirework anymore as it hurts my hands so much, but from time to time, I would like to explore and find new ways to make a beautiful piece. Stay tuned!