What I’ve Been Up To and #MiniMoleyDaily 53 – 57 + Lettering Wednesday – March 29

Goodness! A week had passed since my last visit and what wonderful art projects and life stories I’m blessed to be shared with. Opening up to read from you is such a delight and a big change from my life in the past days. I was not away on a vacation or did not take a break to make more art. I was just here but spent a lot of time with my doctor, taking care of my diet ( for someone who does not love to cook it was a difficult change) and exercising my heart and butt out. My art time had to take a backseat for lots of exercise. My recent blood tests did not go very well and my doctor is closely monitoring. BUT I can still share some of the art I did before life’s reality came and took over right? 🙂



53 of 365 the few stamp set i have still amazes me ❤


54 of 365 the page i did when i arrived home from the doctor’s appointment


55 of 365 Quote from Woody Allen. Have you asked yourself the same question?  


56 of 365 have you greeted someone hi or hello today? its such a nice thing to say!


57 of 365 such a great reminder to stay positive and not to forget to be happy and thankful ❤


Quote from J.K. Rowling

Yes, I do not need magic to change my world. I just need to believe in myself that I will get through the bad and unhealthy living and to this thing called living healthy. Running and brisk walking cannot make their magic because I still love to eat plenty. But things had to change so I can enjoy life to the fullest. Proper diet + exercise + medications for the next few weeks until the next blood test. Then hopefully hopefully just proper diet + exercise for the rest of my life.

I’m slowly getting used to a new routine with very minimal art time. Minimal art time is still WAY BETTER than no art time at all. So I hope to get into my wonder woman phase and pop in more often to fill my heart with your art/life sharing and good vibes and share what I can too.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Spread a smile! ❤


#MiniMoleyDaily 27 – 30


27/365 White gesso, a butterfly stamp, doodling and sticker words made this page possible.


28/365 Incorporating the message I got from a fortune cookie when we celebrated Chinese New Year on the same day. Background was an old graph paper, crumpled and stained with tea in 2014.


29/365 Background also an old  sticker paper artwork cut into different shapes and length for visual interest, charcoal pencil and regular pencil plus ephemera.


30/365 Background is still an old gelli plate artwork, scraps of punched papers and a positive affirmation.

The first month of the year is almost finished and I think I am loving how things are going in this small sized moleskine. Some pages are simple, others complex, and some contain my old artworks. Pages are easy to finish and ideas overflow from one page to the next few pages. I am glad to be using my old artworks especially my gelli plate adventure papers. Maybe I’ll have more gelli plate adventure dates with myself or with art friends soon.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Spread a smile! 😀 ❤

Maligayang Pasko

I have not been actively present here for more than two months now and many of you know the reason why. Our little bundle of joy just makes us want to drop everything and just focus on her. She just turned two months old last Tuesday and has grown so big.

From our hearts and home to yours, here’s wishing you a Blessed Merry Christmas filled with warm hugs and kisses and a Prosperous New year with all your wishes coming true!