The Documented Life Project – Week 52

Week 52 is all about family holiday traditions.


My family at home is very big on family traditions. We usually have a big family party at the garden of my Auntie Mary Ann. With a family as big as ours, potluck is the way to go. After dinner, and to pass time, we have games for the young and the young at heart. Everyone participates and winners have prizes to take home. Gift giving is done just before midnight and children below 18 get one from each family or married couple. Then the yearly Monito-Monita (Mommy-Baby) exchange gift is held. Each one is given the opportunity to give a special message to his/her baby. After gift giving, our family gathers together in the buffet food area where a huge pot of ‘Lelot’ (home cooked rice and chicken, from our Grandmother’s recipe) is. The elders usually says a prayer of thanksgiving and each one takes part of the food. Eating Lelot has been a part of every Christmas party I have been since I was born and it will continue on as long as there is an Arellano living.

This year marked a new Christmas tradition for the hubby and me. We had our Christmas dinner in a restaurant called The Apartment at Suria Mall below the Petronas Towers. In almost four months, this was my first picture with the Towers.


Our Christmas may not be as big and grand as what my family had in Manila nonetheless Din and I had a great time celebrating our first Christmas in a new country we now call home.


The Documented Life Project – Weeks 50 and 51

I have been down and out of synch these past few days. I miss my two younger siblings and my big family in Manila. With the holidays coming, I suddenly felt so lonely and so homesick. I have not been doing any art only the DLP prompts just to force myself to do something and to carry on as the year is already about to end. So for week 50, prompt was to pick a fantasy vacation spot and make a packing list – money is no object.


I still haven’t picked my fantasy vacation yet, my mind was clouding during the time I was making this. As you can see, I can’t even draw a decent backpack and had to turn to the reliable internet and print something. My journaling  read – ‘Up until now I still don’t know where I want to go. But it will surely be an adventure I will never forget. For now, living the life I have is already my dream vacation. Take me to an adventure of a lifetime.’ I added a don’t forget to bring list too.

I featured a backpack to pay tribute to my ever faithful Jansport backpack I always bring whenever I travel. My backpack had seen good and bad days and it never failed me. When I transferred to KL recently, my backpack held on to my precious art materials, journals and jewelries. A companion that does not complain and is always ready for me.

For week 51, prompt was arrows. I did a simple page and added a quote I got from the internet. It is a struggle to get back to my old jolly self and the quote helped me a lot to process my thoughts.


The Documented Life Project – Week 49

Week 49 – Trace your hand

Instead of my hand, I traced my husband’s hand. I wanted to dedicate my page to the man who holds my heart. He has been my number one fan, supporter and the first person who gives me that needed encouragement when I am feeling unsure. He has been supporting every kind of art I get involved with and provides me with ample art allowance. He never complained about my art supplies and my art mess. He even dedicated one of our big luggage for my art stuff when we transferred here.

If I had to write about how my husband supported my passion,  I would have filled an entire post but I do not have to do that because everything he did and still does are all secured in my heart. He is definitely a keeper and I intend to do just that for the rest of our lives.



For the man who has been by my side for the past 13 years, I am blessed that you are the person I chose to hold my heart.