I Matter

Week 24 for Journal 52 was all about weeds and blossoms. I chose the alternate prompt, blossom. One of my favorite flower quotes, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope” by Lady Bird Johnson This quote inspired me to make a zentangle inspired half flower with another of my favorite quotes.


Quote by Erin Van Vuren

Flowers always make a home feel alive. A woman feel loved. An occasion colorful and a marriage scented.  Though flowers have a short lifespan they never cease to offer the best of them. They will always matter. Always a part of something beautiful. Always a symbol for change.

Happy day dear friends! I hope you’ll have the chance to smell the flowers and be in awe of their rare beauty today and everyday. Cheers!

Anniversaries, Blessings and Hand Made Gifts

In less than 12 hours today I will be meeting my cousin Angela and her husband for our luncheon at a local restaurant. Today they are celebrating their 10th year wedding anniversary and I am so grateful that they chose to visit Malaysia and celebrate with Hubs and me.

Angela was one of my bride’s maid when I got married four years ahead of her and since we are celebrating her anniversary, I prepared a little something to surprise her.


A tangled artwork in a 4x6in watercolor paper using blue 0.5 uniball signo pen. Last year my cousin was so amazed at my first tangled art and told me she wanted to have them printed in a shirt for personal use. At that time I declined to indulge her request because my inner critic was out of her cage and was telling me that my work was not t-shirt material. Now, I that I have locked the closet where I placed my inner critic, I am giving way to my cousin’s request.


Another surprise is an angel doll that she could also print on a shirt or on a canvas bag. She after all is named Angela from her father’s name Angel. She originally requested just a face sketch but I wanted to give her more. Doing dolls are more difficult for me since I tend to do them in smaller sized paper and this doll is my first full winged angel doll.

My other surprise is a hand dyed batik fabric. Malaysia will be celebrating Hari Raya AidilFitri this coming Friday, it is the day that marks the end of Ramadan. Hand dyed batik fabrics are so expensive but with the festival coming I was able to get a good price. Angela loves to sew, I’m sure she will come up with something wonderful.

Its past 2am here and I’m still blogging! Good night everyone!

Tangle Folk Inspired Doll

Sometimes when I am in a creative rut I give myself the gift of books. My new art book is awesome. I spent a lot of time flipping through each page, savoring the photos and reading the stories of each certified zentangle artist (CZT).


Since I am into drawing faces, and have been doing zentangle inspired art (ZIA), I was immediately drawn to Billie Lauder’s Tangle Folk. Billie’s work reminded me of a project I made a few days ago, My Tangled Girl. I was fired up to do another tangle girl using Billie’s Tangle Folk as inspiration. And to make my life even more exciting, I challenged myself to color my doll with inktense blocks.


I used my medium sized moleskine watercolor notebook for this project. The notebook had been sitting on our bookshelf with a few projects in it. I was suppose to use it for another project but decided not to continue with that anymore. So it is just fitting to use the notebook for this since I’ll be using watercolor. 🙂 Moleskine watercolor notebooks are designed as landscape type and I am very fond of giving my girls long hair, to solve my problem,  flipped the notebook to a portrait position and gave myself ample space to make beautiful tangled hair.


It took me 3 days to finish this lovely tangle doll and each time I’ve spent with her was worth the wait. To my over excitement, I did not settle for one tangle pattern for her hair, I challenged myself to mix different tangle pattern and was very happy that I did not stick to my comfort zone and went very far from it. The decision not to color her hair was influenced by my husband. I kind of liked it too.


This doll taught me so much about patience, a virtue I need the most.