Happy Day

A few weeks ago I started a project inspired by Danielle Donaldson‘s art. I love how easy and fluid she draws and makes wonderful magic with watercolours. I worked on this on and off and just finished it yesterday, in time for the Love Day.


Instead of watercolours, I used inktense blocks which are inks.

I tried to photograph them and cropped them individually.







This project is something new to me and one that I could repeat it again and again. This page has no story only that the sketches I did were the ones that popped into mind at moments when I was working with it and they all make me happy. Maybe one day I could make a story or a theme with this new adventure.


Don’t Be Afraid to Catch Your Dreams

Take a chance.

Make a change.

Chase your dreams.


Happy day everyone!

Big Eyed Pineapple Looking Owl

Since I scaled down everything in my life to concentrate on proper self care more than a month ago, I made a list of art projects for every month that came after. One project per week is doable and not time constrained. If you know me, I always work with a schedule and I abide it to the letter resulting to stress that I myself had invited in.

So in my list of projects for the month of September, one entry says, draw and color your own version of an owl. I did started the owl project first week of that month with a sketch. But unfortunately, my mind drifted to another project idea and I lost track of my owl.


Jumping from one project to another is a regular thing with me that was why I forced myself to make a list. I used to start and finish a project in one day and that practice had brought me both happiness and a lot of self imposed stress. When I chanced upon my owl sketch from the piles of unfinished art journal projects, I sat down and work on it for a couple of minutes. I did the inking this time and it had been eight days since I worked with it first.


Again after inking, I set the journal aside and worked on another spur of the moment idea. Finally when October arrived, I told promised myself to finish my owl so I could start with my project list for this month.

Coloring took three days to do and finish. I started with using aquatone watercolour sticks and ended up covering them with polychromos. I maintained the watercolour background and used a stencil and cream craft paint for the night sky. From the time I did the inking to finishing everything, twenty five days had gone in between. This is by far the only project that took me sometime to finish. Why? I really do not know. But here he is, my big eyed pineapple looking owl.