Meet My New Friend, Kara

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my husband regarding an instagram account I was following. The IG account is margaux_creativechaos and  facebook account is . She makes very unique dolls.

I asked my husband if I could have one of my girls be made by Margaux and he agreed. So, two weeks ago, I contacted Margaux via email and asked her if she could customize one and I am very happy and excited when she agreed to do it. I gave a photo of the doll I wanted customized and gave Margaux free reign to add/subtract any if needed. I wanted her to have her own journey with my creation as I would have when I receive hers. I do believe that all artists have their own individual experiences with the art of other artists and that personal journey is always a unique one.

At 45, I was happy to share that I still love dolls. I didn’t have many when I was a kid but it was okay sharing toys with a younger sister. When I was about 8 or 9 my parents gave me my own walking doll and I was so happy then. I named her Kristine and took her everywhere I went except at school.

Yesterday, I was very happy to receive my doll. The courier who brought the doll asked me if the package is for my daughter and when I told him that it was for me, he just gave me a big smile. Maybe he thinks I’m nuts. lol!

Remember my Week 32 for The Documented Life Project 2015 ? The doll I did for that project was the doll I asked Margaux to customize. Below is a screenshot capture I got at Margaux instagram account.


She came in a box with another doll I ordered for my nephew covered with a paper like white cheese cloth, with a certificate of authenticity (place where could put her name, duration she was made, and a space where I could put my name as owner), also with instructions on how to wash her and a brief description about Margaux’s handmade dolls at the back.

Excited was an understatement when my husband and I opened her last night. At 11:30 pm my mind was swimming with other ideas to share with Margaux and our future collaborative work. I sent her at email at that hour. My bad but ….the Yipee! Woot! Woot! won’t stop. 😀

I named her Miss Chaos, patterned after Margaux’s business name Creative Chaos but when my husband asked me her first name, first in my mind was the name Kara. So, yes, meet Miss Kara Chaos.

And here she is this morning lounging in my messy table.


I am thrilled for Kara to meet my nieces and nephews and for the many wonderful adventures we will have. I now have a colorful, two personality companion in the home during the day when my husband is at work. 🙂

My time alone will never be the same! 🙂 🙂 🙂





Embracing Where I am Now

As I was browsing over the you tube channel of artist Christy Sobolewski, I came across one of her videos that really spoke what  I have been feeling for sometime now. Only 14 months into my mixed media journey, I am still a beginner. For all the beginer artists out there, most especially to my friends Airees Rondain and Alby Laran, here is something for us. Cheers!

Thank you so much Petra Stein for ‘introducing’ me to Christy.

Galeri Petronas for the New Year

The first day of 2015 is about to end in my part of the world but I am just too eager to share with you how hubby and I spent our day. In the three months that I am in Kuala Lumpur, we chose today to visit the Galeri Petronas at Level 3, Suria Mall. Their current exhibit is #tanahairku Street Art, running until the 4th of January.

The hubby and I had a great time reading through and watching the different videos provided at the exhibition. Our eyes and hearts had a feast admiring and discovering Malaysian Street art and learning about the artists who did the them. It was an experience we would never forget, more like a breath of fresh air from the usual mall shops.



I hope we could make a tradition of visiting new places every new year. It refreshes the soul and recharges the mind.