Inspirational Artists – March week 3

Week three is about to end and I am very glad that I was able to spend the whole day yesterday to finish my girls for this personal project.

My charcoal girl inspired by Juna Biagioni.


My acrylic girl inspired by Petra Stein.

inspirationalartists_wk3_3 inspirationalartis_wk3_2


From the moment I made the decision to start with this personal project using as inspiration artists from a facebook group I am in, I have grown to be more comfortable with the things I can do and the things that still needs to be learned, practiced and absorbed.

If you have seen the videos of Juna, you will be able to see that she uses charcoal in a very free manner, not mindful of being perfect. I love her technique but I am still struggling with my being a perfectionist. So, instead of not learning anything and being frozen because of my weakness, I went on and engaged myself with the things I could learn from her.

Though my sketches with charcoal are still very much “perfect” and I still have right arm pain after every sketch (my sign that I am very tensed and is so attentive to details), I am quite happy with my progress. Slowly but surely as my husband would always remind me. One day I will press on with learning more about using charcoal and how I could be free and not  be so detail attentive. Maybe then I could experience how Juna does what she does.

As for my interpretation from Petra’s videos, I am so very happy. Petra’s videos helped me with my problem with using acrylic paints. Though still struggling with shading, I am glad to have found a way through it and be contented with my interpretation.

I know I still have a long way to go and learning from artists such as these two wonderful people make my journey more exciting, colorful, and worthwhile.

More from Juna  here and Petra here .



Inspirational Artists – March week 2

My March Inspirational Artists –  Juna Biagioni and Petra Stein. Two awesome ladies in one of my facebook group. They make wonderful videos and have shared a lot of how they make their girls. I was immediately taken on how they use their medium of their choice, Juna with charcoal and Petra with both charcoal and acrylics. Both are mixed media artists and have shared some of their works in the group we are all in.

My version from Juna 


Last weekend I found some tinted charcoal and thought of using them for my girl this week. Since Juna’s choice of material is charcoal, I thought of giving the tinted charcoals a try. I had a very satisfying time using the few tinted charcoal I got. Shading which is my number one problem was very friendly with this girl. A few strokes with a cotton bud and tada instant shading. Though this girl is a lot different from Juna’s freestyle of drawing, I’m such a perfectionist and I’m still working on convincing myself to try doing loose, freestyle drawing, I’ve had a great satisfying time playing with charcoal.

Close up picture:


My version from Petra


My decision to try doing Petra Stein’s girls was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my mixed media journey. For the longest time I have not been using my acrylic paints to color my girls. I somehow developed a love-hate relationship with acrylic paints, so I stopped. Then when I made my first girl from Petra’s tutorials, I required myself to use acrylics since it was what Petra was using. From an ugly, dark and almost dirty drawing to slowly having a face to being beautiful (in my eyes) my girl came to life. I almost threw in my first Petra inspired girl but I pushed forward and not give up. So, for this second girl, I was a bit confident on how to use my acrylics. I had a lot of fun using more colors to her face, more colors helped me with my shading problem. Added gold hair strands to make her dark grey hair have volume and made a background for her to denote that she is laying on the grass. I was pretty satisfied with how my second girl turned out. She looks like she have this wild side in her.

Close up picture:


I am so glad to have pushed myself with this personal mini project. The experience with every girl and with every medium I use is such an enjoyable one. Some of my fears are being addressed most especially with acrylic paints. I may not be that confident yet, but I kind of feel that there will be improvements and that is a good thing. Also, my excitement to explore more of how I could play with charcoal is never ending. I have been using charcoal to my mixed media pages to make my pages look like grunge or to highlight a significant word. Thus this new experience with drawing with charcoal is such a big change.

Two more weeks with these two beautiful artists. I have already learned so much and happy to explore out of my comfort zone.

Inspirational Artists – March week 1

I have been inspired by a lot of people lately and have made a few more girls for my own series, Pencil Girls and My Girl.

For the Pencil Girl Series, it was inspired by the talented Juna Biagioni. We are in the same facebook group and was fortunate that she shared her latest video. I did my version of her latest video sans the coloring, since my journal’s paper won’t hold any water, in my 5×7 journal. The experience was so liberating as I am a perfectionist. Also, the video made me rethink of my position with using charcoal in my faces. I think I am ready to explore the charcoal’s potential capabilities.


More on Juna here.

For my My Girl Series, my inspiration was also from the talented Petra Stein. She is also a member of the same group I’m in at Facebook. I have come to know more about her from a facebook friend who is very fond of exploring her style. My friend had came up with very interesting journal pages with Petra’s style and I am at awe with the kind of work she has come up with. So, since I am full of energy this week, I also tried my luck with Petra’s style. I could not stop myself from putting in my new found hair technique in my girl’s hair so she is kind of a mix of styles.


You can find more of Petra here.

There will be more of Juna and Petra in my girls for this month of March. My art is a continuous learning journey until I find my own. I am very thankful for these two wonderful ladies who share their art and technique.