ICAD 2016, Day 60 and 61

Day 60 is a quote from Pablo Picasso


Day 61 is a quote from Pamela Slim


Congratulations everyone who joined in at Daisy Yellow‘s  Index Card a Day and tirelessly shared their artworks. We did it! 61 days of beautiful artworks from Tammy’s prompts and personal themes. Cheers!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


ICAD 2016, Day 58 and 59

Day 58 is a quote from Eric Maisel


Totally, totally agree! I believe that every person has the urge to matter. We just have to make that decision and express it in whatever form we can. ❤

Day 59 is a quote from John Mason


Celebrating our individuality is a gift we can can give ourselves! ❤  Cheers to craziness, to chaos, to uneven lines, to mismatched colors, to untidy work tables, to dirty brushes and palettes, and to our inner spirit who never cease to remind us that we are unique, loved and cherished. ❤


ICAD 2016, Day 56 and 57

Day 56 is a quote from Jan Phillips


Day 57 a quote from Christina Stembell


Happy Fri-yay dear friends! I hope you all have a great creative weekend!<3