Colour Me Positive – Week 34 – My Best

Colour Me Positive, week 34 encouraged us to be our best version. Truthfully I have been contemplating on what to do for this project. I put it off for a few weeks to clear my mind and let inspiration come in.

Since I started sketching faces in 2014, the profile view had always been a big curve ball that turned out to be an eventual enemy. I have ALWAYS delayed anything that will make me do a profile view. I dreaded the learning exercise and will not even entertain the idea. Still I have often looked at photos of this particular view. Had cut out magazine pages and had looked at them for hours and hours not really knowing when will I be brave to jump in and try again.

This past weekend, as the inspiring quote said, “Whatever you are…be a good one.” I took the quote as a sign to make the leap and did this piece slowly, letting my drawing arm and hand tense, letting doubt steal the joy of the moment, letting stress rule and making myself almost quit. I had let myself experience these things to push me to face fear in the eye, to remind myself that I will never learn and be comfortable because I hold on to fear too much, and just because I have my lifetime to learn and practice, it does not warrant me to delay things over and over again. My heart told me to brave up or STOP.

And so I let go of my own fear and let my heart do the work. This piece took me three hours from pencil sketch to colored pencil sketch. Time very well spent learning. Its not perfect BUT its a start. Perfection I have learned, is not achievable. But when one says its perfect then it becomes perfect in that person’s eye. So yes, to me she is perfectly perfect with more room for improvements.


Colour Me Positive, Week 34


Anniversaries, Blessings and Hand Made Gifts

In less than 12 hours today I will be meeting my cousin Angela and her husband for our luncheon at a local restaurant. Today they are celebrating their 10th year wedding anniversary and I am so grateful that they chose to visit Malaysia and celebrate with Hubs and me.

Angela was one of my bride’s maid when I got married four years ahead of her and since we are celebrating her anniversary, I prepared a little something to surprise her.


A tangled artwork in a 4x6in watercolor paper using blue 0.5 uniball signo pen. Last year my cousin was so amazed at my first tangled art and told me she wanted to have them printed in a shirt for personal use. At that time I declined to indulge her request because my inner critic was out of her cage and was telling me that my work was not t-shirt material. Now, I that I have locked the closet where I placed my inner critic, I am giving way to my cousin’s request.


Another surprise is an angel doll that she could also print on a shirt or on a canvas bag. She after all is named Angela from her father’s name Angel. She originally requested just a face sketch but I wanted to give her more. Doing dolls are more difficult for me since I tend to do them in smaller sized paper and this doll is my first full winged angel doll.

My other surprise is a hand dyed batik fabric. Malaysia will be celebrating Hari Raya AidilFitri this coming Friday, it is the day that marks the end of Ramadan. Hand dyed batik fabrics are so expensive but with the festival coming I was able to get a good price. Angela loves to sew, I’m sure she will come up with something wonderful.

Its past 2am here and I’m still blogging! Good night everyone!

Shading Faces

For the last two days I have been inspired to experiment and practice shading faces with acrylic paints, watercolor pencils and graphitone pencils. Since I started coloring my faces, I have been on the journey with how to properly shade them. I am more at ease to shade faces with graphite than with color so to conquer that obstacle, experimentation and practice are a must.



My first face was colored with acrylic paint in portrait light, purple,lime green and titanium white. I started with putting in purple in my perceived dark parks of her face, then tried the technique Tamara Laporte is always using when she colors her girl’s eyes and spreading that same color over the upper and lower eyelids with lime green. I then added the same lime green in other parts of her face like near the hairline and in the neck part to make the color part of her whole face. Then last was the portrait light to enhance and subdue some of the purple and green. White acrylic paint was added between her eyebrows and upper eyelids and at the lower lip as high lights and white signo pen in her eyes where light enters. I purposely did not put on blush to her cheeks to emphasize the color shade in her eyes and hairline. For all the outlines in her face, I used black derwent watercolor pencil and a water brush.

For her hair, circles where made with my trusty circle ruler and colored in with derwent watercolor pencils and a water brush.

I was satisfied with how the coloring turned out using the purple/lime green combo. Now I can put that color combo in my list of colors to use for facial shading.



For my second girl, I used the same portrait light acrylic paint, derwent watercolor pencil with a bit of graphitone pencil and portrait light acrylic paint. I got all the shades of blue from my set of pencils and tried to layer them in my girl’s face before activating them using a water brush. I made a lot of mistakes around her eyes because I wanted to mimic the same style I did with the first girl, but I cannot achieve it. So, I covered my mistakes with additional portrait to subdue the dark blue that formed around her eyes. I then added a few strokes of 6b graphitone pencil in the inner parts of her eyes and a bit at the upper eyelid. The last thing I did was to outline all her facial features with the same black watercolor pencil and activated using a water brush. I also used the same shades of blue to color her hair and used a contrasting color, in this case orange to do the background to make the blue pop.

Even with all the mistakes I encountered, I am pleased at how this portrait turned out. Now I could add blue and orange to my color combo list.

I have learned a ton of things from this two exercises and have started a list of color combinations I could use to shade my faces. I am thankful that I pushed myself to do this experiments, if not, I won’t be able to learn something new.