Draw A Bird Day, February and March 2017

It’s the 8th of the month once again and it’s draw a bird day . ❤


Yay! How timely that day 39 in the #minimoleydaily adventure fell on a draw a bird day yet a month late. Even if delayed, it was fun playing with these two love birds. ❤ 



Fast forwarded to day 67/365 in the #minimoleydaily adventure journal to entertain this angry eagle for this month’s draw a bird day sharing. ❤ 

Have a great Wednesday! Spread a smile and fly high with everyone sharing a bird today! 🙂 ❤



Draw a Bird Day, January 2017

I hope its still not too late for the monthly draw a bird day. Sharing with you my experimental bird. 🙂


8/365 This little birdie looks like a pineapple owl who wants to look funny and at the same time frightening with those pointy eyebrows.

However this bird may look, it sure made me smile a lot today. Experimenting just got more fun and a lot crazier. 😀

Happy day everyone! Spread a smile!

Draw A Bird Day, October 2016


Male American Goldfinch in watercolor, 5×7, canson 200gsm

Hello everyone! It’s the 8th of the month and welcome to another Draw A Bird Day! My heartfelt thanks to a dear friend, Laura of Create Art Every Day for inviting me to join this wonderful community.

Just as I was thinking of what bird to learn and discover for this month, my younger cousin requested for a yellow bird. She then sent me a photo of a male american goldfinch she got from the web. As always her timing was perfect. I am happy of what came out from a day of figuring out proportions and mixing colors. Its not perfect but perfection was not the aim for this journey but rather learning and enjoying the process no matter how slow.

Have a pleasant weekend folks!