My Tangled Girl

Doodling had been part of my mixed media journey since I started about a year ago now. It has helped me in so many ways, most of which when I am faced with a blank page and have no idea what to do with it. It is also a source of relaxation for my busy mind. Most times when I am doodling, I just let my mind wander, sort of like I am daydreaming.


Since I am into learning drawing faces, I thought of using the whole spread of my journal to draw a girl with a lot of doodles. But as always when I start a project, it usually does not end where I pictured it in my mind. I initially wanted various doodle designs for my girl’s hair but ended up with doing a tangle instead, the Mr. E by Shawn Hayden. Oh and yes, tangles and doodles are different, you can read on the explanation here. So, yes, my doodle girl ended up to me a tangled girl. No worries 🙂


This is my first time to use only one kind of tangle and it was such a great experience to explore. Since my playbook is a bit big, I drew my girl’s face in one side of the journal and let most parts of the remaining space be her hair in the vertical position.


Considering the work I did with my girl’s hair, I added another hurdle to this journey, I decided to color her face with watercolors. I know I’m crazy! 🙂 During the process of face coloring, I was both excited and afraid. Excited because, finally I am brave enough to use my inktense blocks to color a face. Afraid because I do not know what to do if and when I ruin her face. Though I am not aiming for perfection, I wanted something tolerable.


I’ve had an enjoyable journey completing this tangled girl. The experience taught me a lot especially with being patient and knowing when to be satisfied.

Art in Between

I think the mark making/doodle theme over at the Academy had hit me big time. In between creating for facebook group projects to personal projects this is what’s been making me more crazy.


Its been quiet a while since I designed a new tumbler insert to grace my beloved Starbucks tumbler. This is the kind of in between project I do to relax my mind or if I am waiting for another project to dry or if I do not know what to do but wanted to create something. This tumbler art thing is the best go to art activity for me to date.


I played with inktense blocks with a lot of sprayed water for the background with Kelly Panacci funky flowers stamp and Stampotique hanging hearts stamp. Colored the flowers with gel pens and added small circle doodles all around the insert.

Below is a collaged 360 view of the insert I did with an app called photogrid.


I would be bringing my tumbler when we visit our third place again this coming Sunday and hope to make my favorite barista smile.

Do you have an in between project?

Doodling Helps


When I do not know what to do, I doodle. Doodling is also my go to art thing when it seems that I have lost interest in any art related project or my mojo is somewhere else. I often start with something and end up with another thing that is bigger, overwhelming and tedious. I am not complaining though. The exercise helps my mind to rest and relax. Its as if a housewife has a lot of things going on in her mind…but yes, I have a lot of things that goes in and out of my mind and for me all of them has to be top priority.

20150227_172918_Richtone(HDR)This exercise took a few days to finish, more than two weeks I think. Nonetheless, I have worked on it on and off and every time I sit down and cover a space, my mind drifts and wanders to the things that makes me happy. This is also the kind of project that I make in between group projects at facebook.


My playbook is about 11in x 16in and  had consumed almost the whole black pen that I used. It was another exercise in patience. Doing it had brought comfort to my heart and ease to my mind. I have promised myself not to engage in this kinds of in between projects but I always find myself doing one. I guess I have to embrace the fact that doodling in this magnitude really helps and that there will be more in the future.

What is your go to thing when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or out of inspiration? Or what do you do in between art projects?