Creepy Friday: Count Orlok and Friend

I had the privilege of enjoying the past and recent posts of a dear friend, Laura of A Pict in Pa and Pict Ink from her rendition of famous monsters to trying out different faces and expressions to inktober that I had to try and see if I can invite the most groovy of Laura’s monsters.  Count Orlok or popularly known as Nosferatu the Vampire kind enough to grant me an appearance and grace my sketchbook with his kind of flair. But a request from the famous Count had to be granted and that is to have his dear friend Maximillian, the Spider, be in the sketch with him. Of course, who could say no to the Count. I might as well consider myself dead meat if I dare to.


Thank you Laura for the inspiration, I had one of the happiest learning how to draw experience with Nosferatu. I don’t always do silhouettes, this I think was only the second time but it sure was very liberating. The reference photo had more details but I wanted to deviate from detail and try not to be as realistic as possible. Thus I was able to play with his hands and fingers and his coat collar. And I think the Count approved and did not get angry or complain of anything. He just stared at me with his big eyes and made me feel he was okay with his part of the portrait. Did he hypnotize me? Maybe , maybe not.

Maximillian on the other hand wanted a more detailed sketch and that was what he got. The hairs in his abdomen made my skin crawl. He smelled awful and his one eye made me so embarrassed to be in his presence. He seems to know what I will do next. Also he complains a lot. Unlike the Count he asked to be excused for longer than five minutes at a time and getting back all dirty, smelling more awful and with bloody legs. Goodness, if I had the choice, I will not think of him nor include him in this guest appearance portrait but as requested he must be in. And the journey not to go to the bathroom and throw up is another story to tell in the future.

Again, thank you dear friends for spoiling me with this weird journey. Coming up with mini stories for my sketches makes the ride more adventuresome. Happy Friday!




Creepy Friday: Meet Sir Miles


Mr. Multi Eyed Trolltree aka Sir Miles

Meet Mr. B. Tiny’s dear friend, Sir Miles, a multi eyed trolltree planted in Mr. B’s big garden. He is a magical plant and also best friends with Hogwarts Whomping Willow tree. Sir Miles is not so much of the violent type like the Willow. He does not immediately attack anyone near his branches. Because of his multiple eyes, he can examine one’s heart at a distance. He can sense whether one’s heart is pure, open and good or bad, full of deviousness and clothed with guile. He is a good friend and a great sharer of wisdom but also an angry punisher if needed.

Mr. B., Mrs Greta and Sir Miles have had a lot of bonding moments with the trolloids in the garden. The adults would have tea and share stories with the eager children. After each story telling activity, Sir Miles would let the trolloids climb his branches and tickle him. But always he remind the children to possess a good and loving heart for he will not spare them of his displeasure if they won’t.

Happy Friday dear Friends! Thanks so much for letting me indulge you with my crazy weird side. Be safe, relax and enjoy the weekend! ❤

Creepy Friday: Mrs. Greta Tiny

Yikes! I got so busy with life and me time that I almost forgot to share Mr. B.’s significant other.


Mrs. Greta Tiny is the perfect partner for Mr. B. She loves life and children too. Greta prefers to be in the home, doing housework. She loves cleaning, decorating and cooking.


When Mr. B is gardening Mrs. Greta is singing with the children and birds, sitting at their favorite chair near their all seeing tree. Once the singing is over, she would teach the children how to read and write.


Mrs. Greta would like to invite you to their small home for breakfast soon. She would be pleased to share with you her famous snail bread, mud pancake and worm cheese. She hopes you’d say yes and brighten their home with your presence.

Happy Friday everyone! Remember to give your weird side permission to shine.