Thrilled to be a part of…


I cannot thank @anias_univers enough for thinking of me and tagging me at the call for the give-away. I am so excited to watch and learn from the videos. This is a first and something that I have longed wished for. Thank you for the blessing! Thank you to Dirty Footprints’ Connie Solera for giving us the opportunity to join and enjoy the fun.


Radiant II: Art Journals Giveaway

A very good friend of mine Juna Biagioni is one of the 15 amazing teachers featured at the upcoming Radiant II: Art Journals. The course will begin October 1, 2015 and is hosted by the wonderful Effy Wild.

If you want a free spot just click this link and get a chance to be part of the class.

I have been part of the Radiant : Faces class and I assure you that you will have a fantabulous time with Radiant II: Art Journals.

Radiant: Faces – The Goddess version 1

Lesson four, The Goddess was conducted by Julie Gibbons. Julie talked about finding our inner goddess through meditation, connecting to one self and discovering our inner goddess. In her lesson, Julie showed us how to do a stylized face in a mandala form using letraset promarkers.

I do not have markers – aquamarkers or promarkers or copics  (yet), though we are encouraged to use what we have and not run to the nearest art store just for materials the teacher used. I opted to use four shades of coordinating acrylic paints, watercolor pencils, a black sharpie permanent marker and a black signo broad pen and our trusty wok used as my circle template in an A3 sized acrylic paper. I love how I am able to explore the materials I have and not be constrained by the lack of it.

After I traced our wok and its cover in my paper, I decided how would I like my face to be in the mandala. Will she be on the right side with hair flowing on the left or vice versa or will she be in the middle with hair flowing on both sides. I went for the front facing goddess in the middle of the mandala with a slight tilt.




This lesson reminded me of my paternal grandmother’s home with its glass tinted windows and wooden floors. I tried to mimic that effect with my goddess’ hair with watercolor pencils and I think my goddess is absolutely radiant.