#MiniMoleyDaily 58 and 59


58 of 365 Quote from Joan Borysenko. 


59 of 365 I had something creepy in mind but this punk bird man wanted to appear in the mini journal. How can I refuse. 😀 


8 thoughts on “#MiniMoleyDaily 58 and 59

  1. Punk bird man is very weird but in a way I love. I like the disconcerting difference between his goofy eyes and the sinister mouth. I also love the contrast between the green and the magenta in the first page. I never would have thought that combination would work but it really does.

    • I am taking cue on the changes life has been throwing me lately. The ‘what if’ question always pop in mind and I’m glad that I let go and went with the flow. Punk bird man was totally an accident of just putting in whatever I wanted and see how it will look like. Somehow I think I might not be able to repeat him again. Lets see where the pencil takes me next. 😀 Never thought that magenta will look good with green too. Happy accidents and new discoveries!

      • I think it’s always a mistake to try and replicate something. People have asked me to replicate my own work before and the second version is never as good as the first. If I were you, I’d tell myself to draw another punk bird man some time but without the visual reference of the original drawing and just see what emerges. That way you replicate the theme only and do something fresh and energizing.

        • Great idea and suggestion, Laura! I will definitely do that and will surely make another punk bird man. It will be exciting to anticipate what he will turn out to look like. 😀

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