#MiniMoleyDaily 43 to 46


43/365 continuing on the loose approach to painting a doodle flower. i am liking this style of painting with my small water brush. 😀


44/365 trying out to draw an angled posed rose and capturing where light hits it. i was not quite so happy with the result of this painting but i think i’m giving myself A for effort. 😀 can you see the mistakes? one day i will repeat the exercise and hope for improvements. 


45/365 my attempt with a violet. also not totally happy about this but it sure was a learning experience. 


46/365 this dahlia gave me a difficult time from drawing to capturing the right technique to get its depth in color. nevertheless, i’m glad i took the challenge and learned a lot. 



8 thoughts on “#MiniMoleyDaily 43 to 46

  1. Yay! I always love your flower paintings and these bright and bold blooms are just what I needed to see on a day when we have an ice storm to dig our way out of and the snow is billowing.

    • Aww thank you! Glad that they can offer you warmth and color on an all white ice cover. ❤ In my side of the world, we are experiencing summer. The heat is terrible. I have to water our garden twice and sometimes thrice a day. But the flowers are blooming and I hear birds chirping almost the whole day.

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