Finally, Another Completed Journal

Sharing with you the last four pages of my Colour Me Positive 2016 Journal.


Week 50 was about the importance of not competing or comparing ourselves to others


Week 51 was about sharing our soul through creativity, quote from Brene Brown


Week 52 was all about one of our favorite holidays, Christmas


Week 53 was all about all the opportunities that may come our way, opportunities that we have embraced, opportunities that we let pass 


Another finished and happy journal ❤

Happy weekend everyone! Spread a smile! ❤ ❤ ❤


10 thoughts on “Finally, Another Completed Journal

    • Glad you love it, Deb! I love working on journals as they are easier to carry out of the home and are smaller to work on. Painting on canvas is another thing I would like to try someday.

    • Thank you, Laura! I’ve started a lot of projects in 2016 and this was the only journal I finished. I’m glad I pushed through with it even when it was way too late. Now, my fat happy journal is a source of inspiration. 🙂

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