Hello! It’s been a while….

It’s been more than three months since the last art sharing and a million weeks since our last life conversation. I’ve missed everyone. I’ve miss the daily art sharing. I’ve missed our conversations. I’ve missed being invited into your ‘home’ and sharing a good laugh.

There are a million things going on inside my head as to how I maybe be able to come back and actually share with you again. Maybe its as simple as knocking on the door and hoping against hope that someone will hear and come open the door and say, Oh its you! and open the door wide enough for me to come in. Maybe this is what friendships should be. No ifs, no buts just fire away.

So here it is.

How are you? How have you been these days? I hope everything was good during my absence.

Me? As all of you know, life took me for one of the most wonderful rides it could ever offer. Most days I am in cloud nine. My new niece never ceases to amaze. I love her dearly. My art life took the back ride and I have not done so much, mostly finishing up from last year’s projects and started on a daily one. Hopefully the pictures below will help share the story of my long absence.

Christmas eve was celebrated with my mother’s side of the family. Our theme last year was western/cowboy party.


with my brother and his family and my youngest sister and her daughter, Audie Leyre


my only brother Pablo and my youngest sister Joyce, we miss our other sister who lives in Canada


with my dearest husband


with the golden girls and silver girls in my big family


One of the best Christmas day dates with the hubby




New Year was in Singapore with my cousins, an Aunt and her friend. It was our first new year’s countdown in a foreign country with Alicia Keys leading the kickoff.

In the art scene, sharing with you some of last year’s weekly project from Colour Me Positive.


Week 40


Week 41


Week 42


Week 43


Week 44


Week 45

That’s it for now. πŸ™‚ Β There are still lots to share, lots to ask and catch up with. I can’t wait to be inspired by you, your work and your insights about life this year. Big hugs my dear friends! ❀


12 thoughts on “Hello! It’s been a while….

  1. Welcome back! No need to excuse yourself, we are all free to do what feeds our soul most at the moment. I’ve missed you, so I am glad to see you back ❀️

  2. Hello Carrie – I was thinking of you just yesterday, wondering if you would come back to us and here you are! πŸ™‚ I’m pleased to hear all is going well and you have had good times with your family. Your art work is lovely!

  3. Welcome back, Carrie! You have been missed! Thanks for sharing photos of your wonderful family Christmas celebrations and catching us up on your colorful, inspiring art. πŸ’

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