The Little Things that Matter – # 24 – The First 12 Days of My Life

Waving hello to everyone of my Ata’s friends! I just want to tell you that I have captured my Ata’s heart so much that her art and online presence took a backseat for sometime and would probably resume after I celebrate my first month or maybe I’ll let her come back by December. Is that okay Ata? 😀

Sharing with you photos captured from my Ata’s phone.


How sweet it is to yawn!


Look at my lashes…..aren’t they gorgeous?! Got it from my Mama 🙂


I can hear someone talking. Could they be talking about me? 


Yep, so sure that they’re talking about me. 🙂


And because you are talking about me, here’s me sticking my tongue out! ha!


And who says I can’t wear my polka dot spaghetti strap onesies? 


Ah yes, my Ata loves to kiss and smell my underarm. Is it smelly Ata? 


Here I am at less than 7 days young. 

Thank you for playing with me. I love that my Ata has a great community here at word press.

I hope to see you again soon.




Hi ladies! My niece is holding me at the palm of her hands and is not loosening her grip for sometime now. My heart is full. I am so in  love with her. Other than my husband, everything else comes in second for the time being. My art is having a happy break for the meantime. I hope everyone understands that I can’t be online everyday as much as I was before. Let’s see if S will keep her promise and let me play by December.

Oh and here are two more pictures of me and another niece and a nephew.


Elise and Ata, Oct 15 , Elise’s first birthday and dedication


Anton and Ata, Oct 28, goofing around at S&R

Take care! Have a great week and see you all soon!