Colour Me Positive – Week 39 – Home is Where the Heart Is

For week 39 at Colour Me Positive the theme is all about home.


Colour Me Positive,  Week 39

We all have different definitions of a home. It could be a place of residence, a place of origin, an institution for caring, a country, a memory, a family, a heart. To me home will always mean family. No matter where I am just as long as I am with my husband, anywhere could be called home.

We have lived in different places in Manila. Once in an apartment that was too big for both of us, twice in a very small condominium, quite a long time in a bungalow with my brother and his wife and now in a big old house handed down from my Grandmother to my Mother then to me and my brother and our respective families.   And once we said yes to an opportunity to live in Kuala Lumpur. So many homes, so many transfers but only one is constant, we were together. We made those concrete spaces ours. We have left our marks in those spaces as each one of them had left theirs in our hearts and memories too. Now, even as we live in the bigger side of our ancestral home, we have maintained a four luggage policy between us. My art stuff and his books aside, the clothes we need and own can fit in those four suitcases. It had worked before and it can work again anytime soon.

Have a great day! Spread a smile and give a family member a surprise kiss or hug. 🙂



14 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 39 – Home is Where the Heart Is

  1. I love your page. You’ve definitely developed a strong style for your art journaling.

    I agree totally with your concept of home. After many moves of house and country, it’s been made concrete to me that home for me is wherever my husband and kids are. I also agree with regard to the downsizing. We obviously had to get rid of most of our possessions in order to emigrate and I’m trying not too accumulate too much unnecessary stuff now that we are established in another home. I’m not a minimalist by any stretch but nor am I pack rat.

  2. Home and a Heart! lime green! I love it!! and, I like that about 4 suitcases. the comment above about too many possessions owning you… is so right on. I’m daily trying to delete something now.

  3. Carrie I love that you and your husband have a shared philosophy about clothes. A friend of mine once declared it completely unnecessary to have more than three shirts; one on, one in the wash and a spare in case the wet one wasn’t dry in time. I laughed at him back then, but he went on to live his life with that philosophy about everything and he had a wonderful life – it took me many years to learn that owning too many possessions just means they own you! Home is simply the place you keep your heart I now think.

    • Your friend is wise and very right. I’ve learned the hard way when we were faced to downsize for that trip to KL. But we promised to stay on it and had never looked back. It helped a lot with impulse buying as compared to smart buying. I apply that principle with my art supplies too. If only I am allowed one more luggage, my art supplies can fit in one perfectly.

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