Rose Leaf Study

Looks like this month turned out to be a leaf study month. πŸ™‚ It’s a wonderful journey to be in. The ride is smooth, sometimes bumpy but definitely satisfying. I’ve learned a lot and have been learning more. Each leaf has it’s own story, it’s own history, it’s own voice to be heard. Listening to each leaf’s story is a privilege and I’m glad to be given this gift.

This week my journey is with a rose leaf. Reference photos came from dreamstime. I tried to incorporate both negative and positive techniques from Angela Fehr’s tutorial.


Watercolor Rose Leaf, 6 x 9in., in Β 140lb canson montval

Lessons learned:

  • i used the other half of my canson montval paper from last week’s basil leaf studyΒ Β and had a superb time with very minimal buckling.
  • i am beginning to have fun working on a limited palette. for the leaf itself i used holbein yellow grey, sennelier hooker’s green and w&n permanent sap green and payne’s gray for the thorny part of the leaf, i used holbein perylene maroon and w&n permanent alizarin crimson
  • combining two techniques was an awesome experience. it made me appreciate the leaf’s story more.
  • with this leaf, i practiced patience, letting colors dry in between washes, i hope that i could do that with every painting i do in the future.
  • the learning road is still long, slippery at times, bumpy at most but with perseverance no road is too long.

Enjoy the day dear friends!


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