The Little Things that Matter – #22 – Tabs and Study Friends

Three weeks ago, I again started joining the Ladies Bible Study group of our Church . Since 2011, I have been joining the bible study group held every Wednesday headed by my Aunt Mary Ann. As one of the Church’s elder she was instrumental in my spiritual growth. We had enjoyed a lot of bible related discussions and life applications since then. Though when my husband and I went to Malaysia so my husband could pursue a job offer, I left my bible here. Unfortunately in our one and a half years in KL, I never found a Christian Church so much so a group where I can pursue my bible studies.

Thus when we went back home almost a year ago come December, I was hesitant to join the Wednesday study group right away. Praying for enlightenment helped and after nine months, I felt an answer. One Wednesday I just sent my Aunt an sms asking her if I could possibly join in the study session. Of course she said yes and that was the beginning of a new, wonderful and fulfilled journey for me again.

Currently I am using my Mother’s New International Version, Life Application Study Bible (large print). It was a gift from the same Aunt in 2011. My bible at that time was also in NIV form but not the study one which I gifted myself also in 2011.

This week I had an inspiration to make tabs for my Mother’s bible.


I used a border stamp I got locally from years ago, my mini alpha stamps and a black archival ink. Double tape was used to adhere the tabs and enforced with washi tape. Now its easier for me to go through the book we are studying and cross reference verses with other verses. I even cut some of my gelli printed papers to serve as bookmarks.

I am glad to be part of the study group and being welcomed by the ladies once more. I am looking forward to rekindling my close relationship with some of them and build new ones with the new additions. Sharing pictures of us singing before the start of the study two weeks ago.




Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. -Ecclesiastes 3:11

Happy Weekend!



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