Creepy Friday: Meet Sir Miles


Mr. Multi Eyed Trolltree aka Sir Miles

Meet Mr. B. Tiny’s dear friend, Sir Miles, a multi eyed trolltree planted in Mr. B’s big garden. He is a magical plant and also best friends with Hogwarts Whomping Willow tree. Sir Miles is not so much of the violent type like the Willow. He does not immediately attack anyone near his branches. Because of his multiple eyes, he can examine one’s heart at a distance. He can sense whether one’s heart is pure, open and good or bad, full of deviousness and clothed with guile. He is a good friend and a great sharer of wisdom but also an angry punisher if needed.

Mr. B., Mrs Greta and Sir Miles have had a lot of bonding moments with the trolloids in the garden. The adults would have tea and share stories with the eager children. After each story telling activity, Sir Miles would let the trolloids climb his branches and tickle him. But always he remind the children to possess a good and loving heart for he will not spare them of his displeasure if they won’t.

Happy Friday dear Friends! Thanks so much for letting me indulge you with my crazy weird side. Be safe, relax and enjoy the weekend! ā¤


14 thoughts on “Creepy Friday: Meet Sir Miles

    • Thanks you so much Larisa! Thank you for the support! I’d love to do this everyday if only I could. Overthinking is something I am working on now and its a process of moving a step forward and two or more steps backwards making it stressful in the long run. That’s why I made it once a week. That way I can relax in between ideas and pencil work and can work on other journals. If only my body will relax itself when I tell it to relax, I will certainly do this everyday.

      • Oh yes, we need balance. Relaxing and de-stressing is very important for your health. I try to do as many things that make me happy as I can and then it’s easier to deal with the things that are difficult. It’s easier to face life when you are recharged with some positive energy, wherever it comes from šŸ™‚ Take it easy, my dear šŸ™‚

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