Creepy Friday: Mrs. Greta Tiny

Yikes! I got so busy with life and me time that I almost forgot to share Mr. B.’s significant other.


Mrs. Greta Tiny is the perfect partner for Mr. B. She loves life and children too. Greta prefers to be in the home, doing housework. She loves cleaning, decorating and cooking.


When Mr. B is gardening Mrs. Greta is singing with the children and birds, sitting at their favorite chair near their all seeing tree. Once the singing is over, she would teach the children how to read and write.


Mrs. Greta would like to invite you to their small home for breakfast soon. She would be pleased to share with you her famous snail bread, mud pancake and worm cheese. She hopes you’d say yes and brighten their home with your presence.

Happy Friday everyone! Remember to give your weird side permission to shine.


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