Colour Me Positive – Week 37 – Better by Change

Today’s morning play was for Colour Me Positive Week 37 . The inspirational quote given was, “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

For so long I have been resistant to change and only had to comply when I am already pressed and not given any choice. Now as I get older, I found myself receptive and excited of change. I do not see change as something that will rock my boat but an addition to what I am already holding fort. Having an open heart and mind were the reasons why I now enjoy swaying back and fort from change and the usual routine. Life seems to be brighter every day. Everything seems to be covered with magic and glitter and hope.

Sharing the page I did playing with ballpoint pens, a circle template, watercolor and a uni pin black pen. Simple. Easy. Fuss free. The way life should be even when faced with change.


Enjoy today! Its a great day to accept change and not rely on chance. Commit. Be there. Surrender.


12 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 37 – Better by Change

  1. I really like the writing on this one Carrie Lynn Cordero. A lot! When I was little there was this thing called oh…what was it…not light bright, but this thing that helped you make spirals and shapes. Spirograph. I had to look it up and that name still does not sound familiar to me, but the toy was so fun. I never had one that I recall, but I played with them and loved them. Wow. What a faded memory.

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