Color Explosion: 3 Leaves, 3 Techniques

I thought today might be a wonderful day to share, watch and learn.

I chose a short video from Angela Fehr.

Its always a joy to watch Angela work her magic and share her experiences and tips on how to achieve what we want in our paintings. Her demonstrations are easy to understand and follow.

Below is my work following her video.


For the embossing technique, I used an embossing tool from my scrapbooking supplies. I hope that you are able to see the marks I did. I tried my best to press down on the tool while doing the veins.

Positive painting was the easiest technique to do. We are all used to put paint onto paper and that’s just about it.

The negative painting technique was what I am hoping to learn and achieve out of the three techniques presented. I was not as bold as Angela and made guidelines for my veins. More work with thinner vein spacing and additional vein detail. Still, I am fairly pleased with the outcome for a first timer.

To make the leaves more semi-realistic, I added a bit of shading.


Looking back at my previous watercolor paintings, I noticed that I always gravitate to  the graded wash technique as exhibited here and here. Watching, learning and following Angela’s video opened me up to be brave and try other techniques. I fell in love with the negative painting technique and would probably explore on that more.

Tuesday morning spent learning, enjoying and playing my heart out.

What have you been learning recently?






6 thoughts on “Color Explosion: 3 Leaves, 3 Techniques

  1. I am so glad you are pushing yourself to learn more and more about watercolour as you definitely have a talent with that medium. I love negative painting but tend to use it with leaving the white paper. I should give it a try over a previous wash of paint. I love the leaf with the embossing. It makes it look very delicate.

    • Thank you! I’m glad to be given time to learn watercolor and discover its magic. I hope I won’t loose interest when the going gets tough. You should give the embossing technique a try too.

  2. The negative painting looks the funnest to do. I like the embossed one too. I have always wondered what those weird edges were on paintbrushes.

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