Journal Page: Be Happy

Today’s journal play is for Journal 52 week 30 . The prompt is all about the word, mirth.

I opted for a quote about happiness instead.


Week 30 for Journal 52

Who says a pencil, watercolor pencils, a circle stencil and micron pens won’t afford happiness? Playing with these supplies made me reminisce the time I was just staring out and discovering mixed media. Those were the days when I would jump for joy with just a few flicks here and there. Grateful for today to take out these materials and play and reconnect. They have not lost their touch, they still make me smile with every stroke. Have you tried unearthing your old supplies? The supplies you first bought and played with? Isn’t it wonderful to be brought back to the past and reminisce where you started.

Happy creative week ahead!



14 thoughts on “Journal Page: Be Happy

  1. I did! I took out some old water colors last week but all the yellow was gone. So I put them away after messing with the other colors for about an hour. Watercolor is just not my thing darn it.

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