The Little Things that Matter – #23 – Bonding Time with Ata

The other day was one of the most blessed day in our family. Another gift from above. Another niece. Another girlfriend. Another bundle of joy. ❤

Sharing with you our bonding moments when she was barely a day old.




Isn’t she beautiful?! My heart is full! I can’t get enough of this newest bundle of happiness. At first look she reminded me of our Dad’s mother, our dear Lola Ning and my younger sister, Jetty.

I carried her most of the time during my hospital visit yesterday and oh boy she is a good baby. Did not cry often and loud enough for everyone to be panicked. A few times she only did that irritating face look as a signal for me to look if she made something under that pink cover. But….but she already has that ability to get out of her swaddle blanket and stretch her arms and legs like she is preparing for a marathon. I think she will be feisty like her Aunts (I have two more sisters and she is my brother’s firstborn) and gentle and soft spoken like my brother.

Oh dear Sophie Margaux, I will protect you as I have protected your father and my younger sisters. I will love you forever. I will try my best to share with you my memory of your Grandmama and your Grandpapa and all of the wonderful adventures our family had when we were young. I am your oldest Aunt and I hope to give you my best version of our family’s history. I hope that you will grow to be close to the Lord. May you be a good, obeying child at all times, and the best example for your other siblings (if ever). Be gentle. Be wise. Love life and all its ups and downs my dear.

I love you always!


p.s. Since I am the oldest sibling and 5th oldest cousin in our bigger  family, everyone calls me “Ate Carrie”. Ate is a term used to address older sisters in our country. My first niece, Nicole, was not able to call me Auntie Carrie when she was little but lovingly called me “Ata”. The name stuck and every niece and nephew now calls me Ata. I love it! I love that every young family member only uses the name to address me. Such a privilege to be called Ata.


Creepy Friday: Count Orlok and Friend

I had the privilege of enjoying the past and recent posts of a dear friend, Laura of A Pict in Pa and Pict Ink from her rendition of famous monsters to trying out different faces and expressions to inktober that I had to try and see if I can invite the most groovy of Laura’s monsters.  Count Orlok or popularly known as Nosferatu the Vampire kind enough to grant me an appearance and grace my sketchbook with his kind of flair. But a request from the famous Count had to be granted and that is to have his dear friend Maximillian, the Spider, be in the sketch with him. Of course, who could say no to the Count. I might as well consider myself dead meat if I dare to.


Thank you Laura for the inspiration, I had one of the happiest learning how to draw experience with Nosferatu. I don’t always do silhouettes, this I think was only the second time but it sure was very liberating. The reference photo had more details but I wanted to deviate from detail and try not to be as realistic as possible. Thus I was able to play with his hands and fingers and his coat collar. And I think the Count approved and did not get angry or complain of anything. He just stared at me with his big eyes and made me feel he was okay with his part of the portrait. Did he hypnotize me? Maybe , maybe not.

Maximillian on the other hand wanted a more detailed sketch and that was what he got. The hairs in his abdomen made my skin crawl. He smelled awful and his one eye made me so embarrassed to be in his presence. He seems to know what I will do next. Also he complains a lot. Unlike the Count he asked to be excused for longer than five minutes at a time and getting back all dirty, smelling more awful and with bloody legs. Goodness, if I had the choice, I will not think of him nor include him in this guest appearance portrait but as requested he must be in. And the journey not to go to the bathroom and throw up is another story to tell in the future.

Again, thank you dear friends for spoiling me with this weird journey. Coming up with mini stories for my sketches makes the ride more adventuresome. Happy Friday!




Colour Me Positive – Week 39 – Home is Where the Heart Is

For week 39 at Colour Me Positive the theme is all about home.


Colour Me Positive,  Week 39

We all have different definitions of a home. It could be a place of residence, a place of origin, an institution for caring, a country, a memory, a family, a heart. To me home will always mean family. No matter where I am just as long as I am with my husband, anywhere could be called home.

We have lived in different places in Manila. Once in an apartment that was too big for both of us, twice in a very small condominium, quite a long time in a bungalow with my brother and his wife and now in a big old house handed down from my Grandmother to my Mother then to me and my brother and our respective families.   And once we said yes to an opportunity to live in Kuala Lumpur. So many homes, so many transfers but only one is constant, we were together. We made those concrete spaces ours. We have left our marks in those spaces as each one of them had left theirs in our hearts and memories too. Now, even as we live in the bigger side of our ancestral home, we have maintained a four luggage policy between us. My art stuff and his books aside, the clothes we need and own can fit in those four suitcases. It had worked before and it can work again anytime soon.

Have a great day! Spread a smile and give a family member a surprise kiss or hug. 🙂