Creepy Friday: Mr. B. Tiny

I’m excited to share with you someone who from my idea notebook to slowly being personified on paper became so close to my heart that I can’t believe he is right here with me staring back.

Friends, meet Mr.B. Tiny. A nature loving troll with a big heart from the mountains of Trulaloo. He loves flowers and gardening.


He is tall at 9 ft and big as a bear, has an egg shaped bald head, may look old, wrinkled and scary but in reality he is such a teddy bear.


He likes to share magical stories especially to kids he calls trolloids. But these trolloids are mostly scared because of his thick lips and unclean teeth. Still when he has time he gathers and sits with them and engages them in story telling.


Though afraid of his big mouth and dirty teeth, the trolloids love to poke Mr. Tiny’s uneven ears. Β The slightest touch to Mr. Tiny’s ears makes his face so red and his ears become big as an elephant’s.


Mr. Tiny wants to tell you to have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead. He might visit you once in a while to tidy up your garden and water the plants. He might sprinkle magic fertilizer dusts to your fruit bearing plants so you’ll have an abundant harvest. Don’t worry, Mr. B. Tiny will try his best not to disturb you and your neighbors when he visits. He might have big feet and a fat belly but he sure is light footed.


P.S. In as much as I’d like my beloved troll to be horrendous, he won’t let me make him scary. The smile he has on is a testimony of his love of life. What can I do? If you can’t beat ’em, then might as well join ’em. πŸ™‚ Enjoy today. Explore what’s in your mind. πŸ˜€


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