Salami Cheese Pizza

Fired up can’t even describe how I felt from last week’s bacon burger project. Days were both long and short when one is happy, learning, growing and excited. I went ahead and embarked on another food illustration project and this time its a salami and cheese pizza.


My reference photo from the internet

It started with a sketch. As in all my paintings, every piece starts with a sketch because, as everyone knows I do not have a formal training with both sketching and coloring just a fervent desire to learn and get to where I envisioned my art to look and feel.

Below were my first and second washes of the yellow/orange background as the pizza dough and cheese using winsor and newton lemon yellow, holbien cadmium yellow deep, sennelier red orange. First and second washes of the burnt cheese. First wash for the salami using alizarin crimson.


Have you noticed that I was not able to ‘see’ that my pizza is not round or resembling a circle as from the reference photo? Or that the serving wood board’s handle was not proportioned with the pizza size?  Yep, I noticed that too ONLY when I took the photo  (insert crying emoticon here). I told myself, what the heck, why not go with it and hope to pull this off…lets see….and if it won’t work, then charge it to experience. So I added another wash for the burnt cheese using sennelier’s warm sepia and neutral tint. Second wash for the salami still with alizarin crimson.

If my pizza won’t be round or look like a circle, maybe an oblong pizza? Why not! (insert aha moment smile here) Who says I can’t have an oblong pizza? Who says we can’t eat an oblong pizza?  So, yes, its an oblong pizza though served still on top of a rather small wood board handle. Who cares! Its the pizza not the serving platter, right? 😀

© 2016 Carrie Lynn Cordero

Added white highlights using a uni ball signo pen.


Last wash of a bit concentrated mix of warm sepia and neutral tint for the shadows. Since I have difficulty with ‘seeing’ where to put the highlights and low lights, I just did what my eyes can see and what my mind perceived.


Salami Cheese Oblong Pizza on Canson 200gsm  A4 size

There is still much to learn and I am a willing student. But today I’d like to invite you to share a happy dance with me. 😀 ❤ Little successes like this helps a lot. As when I was training for a marathon years ago, leg and body aches were sweet rewards for a bigger task and a tougher route. Just as mini curve balls that make you ponder of quitting or make you see possibilities for alteration without causing much disturbance. They bring forth confidence to get you starting for another project.

Blessings and happy Tuesday! Share a pizza with a love one, a friend or a stranger. 🙂









8 thoughts on “Salami Cheese Pizza

  1. There is a pizza place at the beach. They have the best pizza I have ever had. My husband and I would love to share one of their pizzas with you and your husband. Can I email it? 🙂

  2. Great job! All of your layering of washes created great depth to the painting. For what it is worth, I have never once managed to make a pizza that is even imperfectly round. They are more like curvaceous oblongs.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Laura. Its means so much to me. 🙂 Good for you for trying to make pizza. I can only manage bread pizza or more like buying bread from the store and just putting pizza sauce, bacon, salami and cheese and into the oven. 😀

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