Creepy Friday: Mr. X, The Eye

Hello everyone! Welcome to another creepy, weird, out of this world sketch of what’s going on inside my mind.

This week’s illustration, the eye.


Mr. X, The Eye

No inspiration for this piece except that it started from a circle template. I played on from there with no over thinking and over processing of things. I carry happy memories of changeability, lets see if it works, aha moments, hmm I like this effect and the excited feeling. Hopefully these memories will help me through to my next creepy idea.

Mr. X sees you, me and everyone else. Beware to look at him eye to eye, he might see what you are hiding. He can search your eye and see through your innermost feelings. You cannot hide and you cannot run. He is always there, lurking, looking, searching for you. Β Remember your eyes are the windows of your soul, you might be able to close them but you can’t ignore the words they say within you.

Happy Friday and thank you for joining me in this crazy ride. πŸ˜€




12 thoughts on “Creepy Friday: Mr. X, The Eye

  1. I love all the patterns and the way the eye has become almost abstract. It reminds me simultaneously of those spherical electrical charge things and also of the Eye of Sauron. I get a bit freaked out by eyeball stuff (my husband and kids have to pin me down to get eye drops in me) but I always wanted to collect antique glass eyes – but have never owned a single one.

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