Remembering Summer

Today’s journal play was Week 28 at Journal 52 . The prompts were either to create a page celebrating summer nights of where you live or a page celebrating the dog days of summer. I chose the first prompt and played.

Since the past days have been full of planning and how to’s on my art play, I decided to keep this page simple with one stencil, two harmonious colors (orange and blue) and a micron pen.


Week 28, Journal 52

Doodling was added for texture, fun and words that reminded me of summer.

Its the rainy season in my part of the world, a season I do not like.  So on days when the sun makes its presence, I consider it a treat and make the most of it. Today, this page was my sun as it is cloudy with a big chance of rain especially this afternoon and through the night.

Staying indoors with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Happy Thursday dear friends!


12 thoughts on “Remembering Summer

  1. I think staying indoors and playing with paint and pens is a great activity for rainy days! I have not lived anywhere that has a rainy season [though we often experience four seasons in one day here] but I’ve been in Singapore in torrential downpours a few times. How long does your rainy season last for Carrie? I like your summery page!

    • Thank you, Pauline. If you’ve experienced the Singapore rain, it is pretty much like that and worst if we have typhoons. Rainy season usually starts mid June and lasts until January or early February of the next year. We only have two seasons here, dry and wet seasons. About 19 or more typhoon enter our area of responsibility but only half of that or a bit more make landfall. We have very poor road infrastructure here even in the city that’s why a few minutes of heavy downpour can cause an armageddon of traffic and people complaining over at facebook.

      • I found the rainstorms exciting in Singapore – even the bit when you skidded out on the slippery surface [I was much younger then!] But, six months of rain! Carrie, I shall never complain again about a wet week!! ❤

        • No complaints here too. I’m used to it and there are days with no rain just a sunless sky but still good. 🙂 Sometimes I can’t help but play in the rain or use the rain to clean the car….just to take off mud and dust. But basically play and remember my childhood.

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