Lettering Wednesday – September 21

This week’s lettering practice is a quote from Sonia Ricotti.


Slowly building confidence using both capital and small letters. I let go of following how other people write their letters anymore. Watching a lot of you tube tutorials about calligraphy only made me more confused and so I just followed my gut and wrote the letters from how I was taught in school. Only difference was, now I am using a nib and ink and not a ball pen and practicing includes using the thin and thick lines depending on the direction of the stroke. Writing had never been more enjoyable.

Happy Wednesday dear friends! Blessings and I hope you’ll have a rock and roll time creating something lovely today. ❀


8 thoughts on “Lettering Wednesday – September 21

  1. I think it’s very useful to watch tutorials or take lessons whether online or in real life but it’s definitely useful to assimilate that but then do your own thing and trust your own instinct. That approach certainly seems to be working for you with your calligraphy.

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