Creepy Friday: Brenda, The Jester


Brenda, The Jester

It’s been one happy experimental ride with this girl ever since I started her last Friday night. Some of you may have noticed that I am fond of using circles in many of my journal pages and sketches and naturally it will come out sooner or later. In this sketch, it was sooner. Brenda started out with the circle shape and blossomed from there. Ideas came in and out of mind when I was creating her. How to make her look scary was the main theme.

At a glance, Brenda looked like a mix and match alphabet soup. A headpiece that looked like a jester’s hat with fringes that looked liked it was nailed onto her very rounded face, two eyes that do not belong together (a hollow one with big staples attached to it and the other, a big eye that looked exhausted giving birth to a big fang), a small button nose, and lips that looked liked it had been stretched to accommodate the staples on the side but had escaped a fang somewhere along the stapling process and finally, Β those facial shading to attain contour to her rounded features which in reality will never give a rounded face form. I am having a good laugh as I am typing this. πŸ˜€

Like Irina, The Cyclops , Brenda has issues. She is not really sure who she really is, a jester but no ready jokes and not smiling?, or a vampire with only one fang? Clearly Brenda has personality issues. But today, she chose to be a jester. I wonder why. Maybe its one of those days when one wants to be the joker, the comic, the smart-ass. Maybe that big fang birthed from her right eye will turn into tears from so much laughter and that single smaller fang hanging from her closed poker faced mouth will fall off unexpectedly like milk tooth. Whatever her reasons were, hopefully the role she chose today will help make someone smile however which way she does her magic. ❀

Happy early start of the weekend dear friends!



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