Calla Lilies


calla lilies in 24 x 32 cm 140lbs cold pressed canson montval 

The flower watercolor journey continues with this calla lilies. 🙂 This was my first time to use a canson montval wc paper . A friend suggested that I try it since its the best watercolor paper locally available. I do not know how to describe my experience with it since the only papers I have had the chance to use were the canson 200gsm watercolor paper which is recommended for practice only and daler rowney aquafine also for beginners. The studies I did in the past were all digitized and the original paintings, some of them sold and some are now inside an archival folder.

I tried this new paper for the reason that I really wanted to try a better quality beginner paper. As much as I can I wanted to try as many papers as possible to get their feel and to discover what kind of paper will I really gravitate with. There are two more papers from different brands lined up to try, explore and observe. For now, the journey continues with more practice, more trial and error, more happy mistakes and more color explosion.

Wonderful Thursday everyone!


8 thoughts on “Calla Lilies

    • Thank you, Laura! It took me one day for the sketch and three days for the color. I can’t seem to figure out the paper yet but definitely this is much better than the other two brands of paper I use. Maybe the next projects will be more enjoyable. Fingers crossed.

    • Thanks Jodi! ❤ I found the paper very water and paint absorbent but does not buckle that much compared to canson 200gsm. The daler rowney is also 140lbs but it is not so forgiving with too much layering. Between both 140lbs paper (daler rowney and canson montval), I prefer the montval more. It did not seem to complain with my layering. 🙂

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