Colour Me Positive – Week 34 – My Best

Colour Me Positive, week 34 encouraged us to be our best version. Truthfully I have been contemplating on what to do for this project. I put it off for a few weeks to clear my mind and let inspiration come in.

Since I started sketching faces in 2014, the profile view had always been a big curve ball that turned out to be an eventual enemy. I have ALWAYS delayed anything that will make me do a profile view. I dreaded the learning exercise and will not even entertain the idea. Still I have often looked at photos of this particular view. Had cut out magazine pages and had looked at them for hours and hours not really knowing when will I be brave to jump in and try again.

This past weekend, as the inspiring quote said, “Whatever you are…be a good one.” I took the quote as a sign to make the leap and did this piece slowly, letting my drawing arm and hand tense, letting doubt steal the joy of the moment, letting stress rule and making myself almost quit. I had let myself experience these things to push me to face fear in the eye, to remind myself that I will never learn and be comfortable because I hold on to fear too much, and just because I have my lifetime to learn and practice, it does not warrant me to delay things over and over again. My heart told me to brave up or STOP.

And so I let go of my own fear and let my heart do the work. This piece took me three hours from pencil sketch to colored pencil sketch. Time very well spent learning. Its not perfect BUT its a start. Perfection I have learned, is not achievable. But when one says its perfect then it becomes perfect in that person’s eye. So yes, to me she is perfectly perfect with more room for improvements.


Colour Me Positive, Week 34


9 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 34 – My Best

  1. Well done you for facing your fears! I agree with you that profiles are really difficult to get right. I’ve been pushing myself to do more of them for the same reason. I love the way you’ve used the coloured pencils in this piece. That’s another thing I can never get to grips with: coloured pencils.

  2. Seems we are both taking on a challenge attitude and embracing it. It is a wonderful feeling to love your art. It shows in every stroke. Beautiful art and words Carrie.

  3. She looks totally fine! I share your feelings about profiles. Even though I know that basically I can do it, I try to avoid it whenever possible. Three quarter face too. I did several and they were ok, but I am still uncomfortable. It’s only practice that we need! Should we make a challenge to ourselves? Doing 30 profiles and 30 half-profiles? I bet we would learn a lot and get rid of our fear 😀

    • Thank you ❤ Happy to know I'm not alone. Its really the fear and the self critic that hinders the journey. So many buts, and ifs. Your suggestion sounds like a great idea. Hmm when oh when…. 🙂

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