The Little Things that Matter – #21 – Thank You for Believing


Yesterday I was tagged by my cousin in her facebook account. When I clicked on the notification, I was surprised to see my cousin’s post.



With the following caption – “Because I have no windows in my office, this is the only bird that I get to see while at work: a lovely Maya, watercolored artwork from my cousin, Carrie Lynn Cordero.”

My heart was deeply touched by my cousin’s gesture. She was my first client and she was the one who insisted to buy both the  maya and the robin  plus another commissioned bird (whick I have not yet started). I was hesitant to sell her my World Watercolor Month entries and told her they were practice pieces but she insisted and told me that she knew from the photos I shared over at facebook that I gave my all and had been so brave to try drawing birds for the first time, jumping in with no proper drawing orientation.

My heart is happy. My heart is grateful for my younger cousin who believed in me. She made a big difference and was one of the inspiration why I braved up and opened myself to commission work.

This was an old picture of us in 2015 when she and her husband celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in Malaysia with me and my husband.


And the caption from her facebook post- ” Meeting up with my cousin in KL. Finally received an original artwork from her. Luv it! — with Carrie Lynn Cordero.” 

These little actions of love, of family, of friendship, of trust, of confidence, really does make an impact and big difference. Thank you my dear Angela for believing in your Ata! ❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Friday dear friends. I hope there is/are a soul/s out there who believe/s in you  unconditionally, giving you that push when you least expect it, tirelessly cheering you on and embracing your limitations and accepting them as your own unique mark.

Enjoy the weekend!


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