Colour Me Positive – Week 33 – Possibilities

Week 33 for Colour Me Positive was all about the many possibilities that awaits us. It’s wonderful to know that these possibilities are at our arm’s reach all the time. It’s just really up to us to grab hold of one or all of them and make something good out of it.

Often it is us who limit our own potential. A very good example of that is myself. I have been asked many times by a dear friend regarding my long term plans for my art. I often answer her the same phrase, practice and learn now and hopefully sell later. Then she asked me when will that ‘later’ be. Truthfully, I don’t know, I told her. Then she proceeded to tell me, why not start selling now as I am honing my skills. She told me I already have the skills and it only needs tweaking here and there. The most important part was, she asked me why can’t I believe that I have what it takes to do and sell my art at the same time. That conversation repeated in my head a million times and still I can’t make the leap. Why? Because I am afraid. Afraid of rejection, of criticisms, of unsolicited comments, of the heat of competition and eventually of quitting.

After several weeks of pondering over my friend’s suggestion, I asked myself, if I make the leap, what do I have to loose? Face? Confidence? Self worth? No, I answered.  Why would I loose face, confidence, and  self worth from rejection, criticisms, hurtful comments, heat of competition IF my art is an extension of what I feel, what my heart is saying, of the person I am. No outside criticism can destroy me if I won’t allow it. No form of competition can make me quit if I do not play their game and only play mine. Rejection from others is inevitable because we have the power to choose. So, what’s keeping me from making the big leap? None.

Last week, I started taking in commission work from relatives and friends. Scouted and sent out emails for quotations about art prints and printing on other surfaces other than paper.  These might be small for the seasoned business women but already a big leap for me. What’s important was I already made the first few steps. 🙂


Happy Friday and cheers to the coming weekend dear friends! ❤ 🙂


16 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 33 – Possibilities

  1. Carrie! love the word possibilities. and I love your post.
    I often think when approaching a ‘new gallery/venue’ etc… what is the Worst that can happen?
    will I die?! no. Does it really matter if my preferred taste, isn’t theirs? no. who cares!
    I really don’t care if they like vanilla ice cream, while I just love chocolate…do I?! Nope. it is pretty much the exact same thing. A personal preference. thats all.
    this. made it so much easier and less stressfull for me, I just can’t tell you! I just wanted to share this with you. I hope, you go forth and begin the next part of your art journey – sashaying down the road! 🙂 lol cheers, Debi

    • Oh Debi your words made my heart more brave today. Thank you for this birthday gift!!! Yes personal preference. Also we can’t really please everyone. We just have to please ourselves and make our heart’s calm and happy. ❤ ❤ ❤ Maraming salamat (in my native language meaning thank you very much).

  2. Good on you Carrie! Here’s my favourite quotation on fear: ‘There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!’ Starting with people you know is such a good idea – it is still mostly my friends who purchase my creations and I’ve been selling for about four years now 🙂 We won’t get rich, but it earns the cost of a new paint set now and again……..

    • Thank you Laura! Baby steps. Handmade is not really big here. I only wish that there will be a shift in attention and people will appreciate locally made artworks. Fingers crossed!

  3. Oh this post hit me! I am right there with you. The fear aspect is something that is hard to overcome. It seems to be engrained in us after years of training. By that I mean, we get criticized and soon learn that to avoid criticism, we avoid putting ourselves out there to be criticized. To avoid rejection, we don’t participate in things were we think we could be rejected…or we say yes to things because we are afraid of what people will think if we say no…but it is all based on being afraid of other people’s opinions! How stupid is that? We all have opinions and those opinions, as long as kept as just thoughts and opinions can’t hurt us unless we ourselves allow it and we don’t have to allow it! I actually have finally gotten up the nerve to turn down requests for commissions! Twice in two days if you can believe that. Why? I was asked to paint in a way that I don’t want to and don’t have to. I paint what I paint and if someone wants me to paint for them, it will be what I paint in my style, not a copy of an old print they have in their home that they want me to copy…and not some technique they want to buy the supplies for me to do but not pay me what it is worth for the labor. To that I say, make it yourself or find someone else, or just buy the painting you like and be willing to pay what the person is asking…Someone actually wanted me to do color blocked with gold leaf because they don’t want to pay what another artist is asking. Why would they even ask that??? What about my previous works says abstract color block and gold leaf? I said no to both requests and I am actually proud of myself for doing so. In the past I would have tried tried tried to do what people wanted just to make them happy with complete disregard to how I feel. I would have done it for free, like I don’t deserve to be paid for what I do. Dumb dumb dumb. I am slowly learning that I am worth more than I think and that criticism and rejection are just a part of life that I don’t have to internalize. I don’t have to be paralyzed by people’s thoughts. I don’t have to not move foreword because say…someone wants me to paint animals and roses because they don’t like sunflowers. To that I say, find someone who paints animals and roses…I am not your gal!

    I am glad you are putting yourself out there. With time, that confidence will come for both of us as we realize this fear thing doesn’t deserve our energy.

    • Oh Dawn thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate you sharing these with me. You are a brave woman for doing what you did. You chose yourself and upheld your self worth. I admire you. I agree with everything you said. Many only think about themselves and what they want and will force it upon others. Its a sad cycle but if budding artists like us rise up and go beyond what they want and demand, we can make a difference. Our voices will make a mark. Putting myself out is scary but I think it is more scarier to look back and ask why I did not even try. Good luck to us! Bless us for the decisions we made to follow our hearts and share our creativity. ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Yay for you Carrie! You are an artist and your work is beautiful. There will always be hurtful people. We must make an effort every day to rise above it and believe in ourselves. Do it Carrie Do it for you!!! Xxoo

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