Week 21 for Journal 52 provided two prompts – unraveling and stitched. I chose to do a page with stitching.

My idea was to present the past, present and future, use stitching to tie them together and find an appropriate quote from the internet. But when I was looking for that appropriate quote, I came across a quote that spoke of the journey I think everyone goes through. My page’s theme of linking the past, present and future thru stitching had a twist. Something I think many can relate.


To me inner beauty is a balance between accepting that we are not perfect and of working our way to be who we really are. Knowing that we can improve from past mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes, strive to do what is right even when we know that we will stumble once in a while and look forward to a life where we can automatically say no to the desire to do wrong, is true beauty stitched together by faults of the past, the desire to improve in the present and looking forward to a future of acceptance, love and hope.

Happy Friday dear friends! Enjoy the weekend! ❤


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