Colors, Colors and More Colors

Its that time of the year where we experience rain, thunderstorms, and flooding. The past weekend had been rainy, damp and cold. Good thing though there was no thunderstorm coming. I can’t deny that the rainy season makes me just want to cocoon in a thick blanket with a cup of hot coffee and watch a marathon of shows. I did just that for a couple of hours Saturday morning. πŸ™‚

Later in the afternoon I tried to catch up with projects for Journal 52 and created a few pages. Then I started a color swatch for my neocolor II crayons and finished it just this morning (unfortunately still a rainy one).


I love color swatches. I made one for every kind of coloring material I have. It was a very relaxing activity to do especially when your mind wants to wander off to another dimension. It was only this morning that I was able to admire my new crayons. They are vibrant, very creamy and very easy to use. I’d highly appreciate if you will share your favorite neocolor you tube videos with me. Agenda for this afternoon is to visit Tamara Laporte’s site for some free tutorials. πŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday dear friends! Stay safe and dry and happy creating! πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Colors, Colors and More Colors

  1. That looks so pretty. I actually don’t have any colour swatches for the materials I currently possess. I feel like that’s something I should find time for some time. I love Neocolor II and would love a bigger set (I have the 30) but I’ve really only used them in mixed media projects for layering. I used them a lot in my altered book of monsters project. Like you, I keep meaning to watch tutorials to learn other ways of using them but it’s just languished on my To Do list.

  2. I do love Tamara Laporte’s teaching style and I also love my neocolor crayons. though I only have a small packet of them. I like your idea of colour swatching your colouring supplies – if nothing else it makes you familiar with all the colours you have. And it would be a very pleasant activity!

    • Agree with you, Pauline. It makes us familiar with our materials. It is the first thing I do to help myself and from the color swatch inspiration sometimes comes and I welcome that.

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