What are you Looking At?

Still catching up with Journal 52 Week 20 prompt. 🙂

It was such a fun fun page to do with no over thinking, no previous planning, just play and relaxation. I think I achieved the dirty grunge look that I imagined it to look. I loved those eyeballs almost popping out of the pizza dough. A great project for a rainy day weekend.



8 thoughts on “What are you Looking At?

  1. I like! My nephew has a tattoo shop and they artists there paint and do inks and stuff as well that they hang. Anyway, one of the guys has an obsession with food and he did a piece of pizza with eyeballs too! Your piece would fit right in on his walls. There is a cool fried egg painting done too in the same kinda grunge style.

    • Thank you! I love tattoos too! I have two and planning on getting a third. Though my husband is not into it, he respects my grunge, punk, goth love hence the two small tats. I like my third to be an arm sleeve so it will require a huge convincing conversation from my financier. lol! 😉

      • Oooooooohhhhhhhhh. The pain!!! My sister got dragon flies down her back. When they got to the area around her kidneys…her leg would twitch!!!! She had to go back a few times. She could only handle about 5 hours at a time. Only right? Lol. I died after 5 minutes and swore never again. My brother in law is addicted. His goal (and he is almost there) is to have a full short sleeved tee or vest…whatever the Japanese do where they leave their hands and lower arms clean. My husband has 7 or 8 of them and he keeps threatening to get more, I tell him do it…and he backs out so who knows. I don’t think he likes the process.

        Do you have any idea what you will out on your sleeve? Black and white…color? Subject? Just curious.

        • Dragonflies!!! They’re beautiful! Five hours at a time is just enough. Your sister’s pain threshold is so high. I admire her! Actually my husband does not like my idea of the arm sleeve considering my age…I’ll be 46 in a couple of days and our culture. Big tats for women are not yet fully acceptable here. I really don’t understand the bias why men can have full bodied tats and women can’t. Its ridiculous! Anyway, Im still convincing my husband. I told him if it won’t be an arm sleeve then a big peacock in my right thigh going down to my foot. He said no and we never had a conversation about anymore. Just the other day I was telling him that I want a new tat on my birthday, he said yes but only a small one. I don’t know. I don’t like a small tat. With all that pain, I’d rather get a big one and optimize the pain. But if it will provoke a big misunderstanding between me and my husband, I’ll see if I can settle for a smaller one. Maybe just inside the lower right arm or cover my small dragon with a bigger dragon. Let’s see. 🙂

          • Oooohhhhh…the tattoo discussion. My mom got one that wraps around her ankle and goes down the front of her foot. Morning glories. I think she might have done it behind my dad’s back, can not remember. My dad likes it now, but I don’t think he was real happy at the time. She was in her late 50’s….

            • My husband usually avoid tattoo conversations with me since he is not interested in them. I always start the conversation and usually only when I need his permission since he’s the one shouldering it 😀 He agrees right away with smaller ones but this time I want a big one so, maybe this convincing conversation will take a while. 🙂

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