Self Love Day 200

Day 200


It has been raining since yesterday in my side of the world but I have been feeling warm and perspiring all day. I think I’m experiencing hot flashes. Having been warned eight years ago that menopause will come early after my thyroid operation and maybe it begins….no worries though, I hydrate a lot and has a drink reminder on my phone. 🙂 All is well even when everyone else is wearing a jacket or a raincoat and I’d like to wear a bikini. 😀


5 thoughts on “Self Love Day 200

  1. I looked at that way face and instantly felt the sense of being parched and exhausted. That is how I look and feel when the humidity is high. I am perinmenopausal so I can empathise with the annoyance of some early menopause symptoms. I have only had one hot flash so far so I am hoping it was a one off for now.

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