Self Love Day 196

Day 196


Yay, the fat emoji in the house! ❀

In our family fat is considered ‘sexy’. We are a big bunch of big boned individuals with round tummys, big thighs and big butts. Eating is something we all enjoy and we do it as often as we can as a family. Weekend bbqs with beer or wine is always an event we look forward to.

Anyone wants to share some pistachio ice cream with me? πŸ™‚



10 thoughts on “Self Love Day 196

  1. As a larger person, I like your family’s thinking. I definitely need to slim down for my health and to feel comfortable in my own skin but my goal weight is not by ideal BMI because quite frankly my emotional health needs the joy of great food and wine and the experience of sharing those with others. It’s all a balance.

    • Oh I definitely hear you my dear! My family welcomes and loves big people around. One of my cousin in law’s brother joined biggest loser Philippines and sadly he’s back to his original weight….ouch!

      • It is so hard to find a sustainable diet and exercise plan. Eating is not really my problem, well not in terms of eating too much or eating badly. I actually need to eat more but I have a small appetite these days. My thing is I need more exercise but finding the time and motivation is difficult. Some days I think it would be easier just to learn to accept being a wee fatty.

        • 30 mins a day of brisk walking will make a lot of difference. I struggle with finding time and laziness getting the better of me everyday too but I always remind myself that walking is a quiet time I always enjoy and 30 minutes is not so long. Though I have long accepted that the huge butt, thighs, tummy and flabby arms will never disappear no matter how many walks or runs I do so might as well do it for the quiet time. πŸ™‚

          • I do a lot of walking and it makes little or no difference, probably because I’ve always done a lot of walking. I need to do something above and beyond all the walking. I need to do it for my health so once the kids are back in school I need to look at my schedule and build some time for more robust exercise into every day.

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