Self Love Day 192

Day 192


Yup, the down emoticon. I guess its not a coincidence that I feel down today. With ICAD 2016 and #WorldWatercolorMonth celebrating its last day plus I had a roller coaster emotional ride with an Aunt. The excitement for two month for ICAD 2016 and a month with #worldwatercolormonth took its toll on me today and I am just glad that both of these projects are over. I am not really physically tired but maybe tired of pushing myself to its limits considering that I rode the magic mushroom and went on a roller coaster ride with no harness and no guide, relying only on sheer luck and magic dusts. A few days off of art will be a great help. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Self Love Day 192

  1. Challenges are great motivators and inspire us to really work diligently to home our skills but the pressure is draining. I prescribe a period of going with the flow and no deadlines to recharge your batteries.

  2. We do need to recharge. Painting every day is not easy but you learned so much about yourself! And you truly rocked it! Beautiful work, looking forward to more, and we shall paint over this one and make a smile face. Or at least I will, in my head lol! 😀😎😉

    • Oh yes we need some r and r! We all learned a lot about resilience, our will to continue and our artistic spirit calling upon us. Thank you for all the support and cheer, Laura! Every word meant a lot. Yes, more adventure with watercolors and abstract art! Yes, I’m smiling now….I can smell dinner and it seems yummy! Its Sunday and I get the day off the kitchen, lol!

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