Day 29 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

My inner critic can’t keep her mouth shut today. She speaks so loud that I can’t even hear my voice or the message alert tone of my mobile phone. 😦 She does not visit often but when she does, she sees to it that I am hit hard.

No. I told her, no way. I am almost at the finish line. I can’t quit now. Changing my theme will only create anxiety. No way will I abandon this desire to understand and learn abstract painting. No, I will not turn my back from this amazing roller coaster ride withΒ #worldwatercolormonthΒ .Β  Only a few days left and I can “pre-schedule” my next abstract painting to my heart’s delight BUT not now. How can she be so cruel as to make me stop? Now that I already have a grasp on how to let go and enjoy seeing the colors dance and mingle with water? Now that I am slowly getting excited with what I am doing? Now that I am accepting the fact that abstract painting requires more heart, more play, more go with the flow feeling? No, I will not let her win today.

Moving further, and before she says anything mean, let me share with you my circle love and color explosion painting.


I see a heart with both the right and left ventricles and its respective chambers. I see hope and progress. I feel triumphant. I feel free.



8 thoughts on “Day 29 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. Oh, tell her to shut up! You are doing fine. You are meant to have fun, enjoy the colors and learn something new, and you did all of that. And I hope you continue because you did great!

    • Aww thank you, Larisa! ❀ I will surely continue. Deep in my heart, I think the journey will never end and surprises will always be there waiting to be discovered. It's magic every time. ❀

  2. Good for you! Kick her in the head, I say! I love your abstracts, Carrie. They are looking way better than anything I’ve turned out in a very long time. Lots of fun colors and spontaneous fun and then bringing some structure with your circles in line. I think they’re great. Having said all that though, I am ready for WWM to be over. We’re too close to the end to let it all fall away now, but I do hear ya! Sounds like you’re winning though, and I really do love your abstracts!

    • Thank you dear Laura! Yes, we can see the finish line and just a couple of hops and we’re done. I think we are all too aware that a month long project will wear us down at some point that’s why we are grateful for all the push and cheer we get from fellow artists. A canvas and my craft acrylic paints are patiently sitting and waiting for me to bond with them. My watercolor brushes need a check up from all the abuse I did on them, lol! I agree with you, I think I am winning or have already won even before this last week started. The commitment we all did from day one was already a winner by itself. πŸ™‚ ❀

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