Self Love Day 188

Day 188


Oh yeah the cool emoji! Today was a great day spent with a dear friend. 🙂

My friendship with Kathy started because of Documented Life Project 2014. She sent me a private message over at facebook after I posted my first page and waited for a reply. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the “other” folder in your facebook message box but I was not. Months went by and Kathy’s message went unanswered. Then one day I was ‘cleaning’ my message box when I noticed a message in the “other” folder, it was Kathy’s message and right away I messaged her back and that day in June 2014, a friendship started.

Facebook has been instrumental with me reconnecting with long lost friends, high school buddies and relatives abroad, but to meet a new friend, it was unlikely. I was just so happy to meet Kathy in an art group and started a great friendship with her. We scheduled an art date the week following my reply to her message. That art date was a hit and we had more until my husband and I went to Kuala Lumpur.

In Malaysia, I prayed and wished that my friendship with this amazing woman will not stop just because I was overseas. God hears our hearts and had granted both our requests. We stayed close though fb messages, emails, and the occasional skype time.  Seven months back home and getting back into our new/old life, today was the first day I saw my dear friend again. To say we were like kids giggling and jumping when we saw each other was an understatement. We did not care if people were looking at us, we were 40+ year old women having a ball!

Today was great. It was spent with someone very very dear. And of course, we forgot to take our selfie with our tiaras and a wine glass in one hand. 😀 😀 😀


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