Day 24 for #WorldWatercolorMonth

Finally the last bird for the #WorldWatercolorMonth BUT definitely not the last for this year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

My coffee buddy this afternoon was an african macaw parrot. 🙂 His photo accompanied me and my art supplies while my husband met with his former students. It was heaven having coffee with this beautiful guy. I bet everyone who passed by us noticed him..with his colors I’m sure every girl had a smile in their faces and maybe somewhat jealous as he was so sweet and cozy with me….an old woman. Lol! Well, older women are…yeah…more patient, sweeter, kinder and fuss free. 😀


African Macaw Parrot in 5 x 7 canson 200gsm

By the way, before we finished our coffee…he told me his name was George and he thinks that the teenager across the table from us was super cute.  Oh my, he tricked me into having coffee with him just so he could glance upon the cute teenager! Oh well, better luck next time old lady! What!? Me, an old lady? Oh boy….you haven’t seen the best of me you….you….you…beautiful you! Lol! Sorry guys, I was really smitten with him but unfortunately he prefers cute teenagers! Awww…that hurts!



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